proper utilization of social media

In ancient times, billboards existed on street sides. Now they’re found on Facebook pages, hovering on the side of your Google results, and their advertising is followed by a bunch of hashtags.

While billboards loomed over buildings, dusty and impersonal, branding and advertising today can take on a much more personal role. Business can create pages, share content, thoughts, and ask for feedback on a platform that holds customers and service providers on an equal level. While forming a connection with your clients’ things like ‘brand awareness’ and ‘positive brand identity’ are instilled in your target audience automatically. Your social presence give you a chance to meet relevant consumers, and all this contributes to an increase of traffic on your actual website! That four of the most important bases for branding all tidied up, Awareness, Identity, Consumers and Traffic.

First when looking at the various social mediums that you have at hand, it’s important to understand their social value. Social Networking Sites, such as Facebook and Twitter are avenues where you can develop a personal connection with your customers, and not just put up advertisements. Using these sites to their full potential can expand your brand’s reach much more than an advertisement can.

One of the most important things you need to look at while working a social media avenue is to talk to your customers, give the personal replies to their queries (not redundant automated/vague/prewritten ones), and deal with their requests and complaints personally. A personal touch in your responses, while maintaining your professional and conversational tone is key. Informative articles, and appropriate tutorial videos are often well received by the public.

Also stick to having a low response time, and answer all queries in a timely manner, you customer is interested in what you have to say, harness that interest. Sometimes it might not be possible to resolve problems faced by the customers quickly, in this case, work with the current customer support and solve the issue all the while keeping the customer informed of the query’s progress. People who reach out like to feel involved and heard. Furthermore, it’s equally important to ask for their feedback when a query or complaint has been resolved, and thank them for granting you with an opportunity to fix the issues.

In a nutshell, your social media presence isn’t about notifying people of events and advertisements, it’s about having a platform where you interact with people around you, and become their brand, instead of a brand.

is a professional blogger for Genetech Solutions, an offshore IT Consulting Firm in Pakistan serving clients with effective Web Development Solutions, Social Media, iPhone and Database Application Development. Follow her on Twitter @UroosaRajani110.

Uroosa Rajani