10 Inventive Ways of Business Exposure and Community Building

business exposure and community building techniques

“Forming a business is an effortless task” – easier said than done! Do you know why? Because there exists a huge challenge after the business formation procedure. And that is your business exposure. You have to build a community around your business through which you can convey its prospects. All branding and community building related factors should be well planned out before stepping into a new business venture.

The same old link building cliches are not going to work for your business. For example building tons of links by bookmarking or other directories won’t work for you anymore. Now you have to think creatively for raising your business visibility. Therefore, in this article, I am going to discuss some community building and some new and unique techniques for your business exposure through which your website traffic rate will dramatically shoot up.

1) Design an Evergreen Logo:
Designing an evergreen logo is the most important factor as the community building techniques which I am going to discuss later, all revolve around your logo. Once, your business gets an eye-catching logo, your potential customers will automatically get attracted towards your business.

2) Get Viral through Guest Blogging:
‘Content is King’ is an oldie but a goodie. Content is the most powerful and a tricky technique through which you can welcome tons of traffic towards your business, if it is properly done. The first thing you have to consider is to create unique and top-quality content that can go viral. After that, choose a platform from where you can attract huge traffic towards your website.

Once your post goes live, you’ll start getting traffic from that platform and other social media channels. Similarly, publish your content on diversified platforms to gain and convert users.

3) Optimizing Social Networks:
Updating social media has become a common trend. Yet, many businesses are failing to optimize it properly. Optimizing social network means to share any kind of updates either through a guest post, or by means of a company update and even a career opportunity. Let it be designed professionally and place a logo in it.

So, each time a user comes across that update, he/she will definitely view the logo of your brand. When users like, share or even comment on that photo it will be accessible by their friends. In this way, your update will get double social media impression.

social media optimization

4) Building Relationships with the Influencers:
“Not only in the SEO industry but in any niche you belong to, relationship building is the most important area where SEO’s and webmasters should invest their time because the outcome can be mind blowing.” As quoted by Moosa Hemani in his interview displayed on our blog.

For this, you have to discover the ways through which you can build relationships. Social media can do wonders in this regard. Learn how entrepreneurs can build relationships through social media. Now here a question arises that how it will help your business in building community? Once you get connected with them, share your blogs’ links with them and if they find them informative they will surely share these blogs on their social channels and it will help you re sharing your articles.

5) Offer Freebies:
It’s a common phenomena that in today’s world we easily get attracted to the word ‘FREE’ and this fact cannot be denied. Therefore, it’s a good and useful technique for raising your business exposure. Allow users to use your fonts, images, memes and other such intellectual property. Although, the traffic coming from this technique will not yield 100% conversions but it will be helpful for your business in the long term.

6) Organizing Events and Workshops:
This factor helps you getting exposure and leads within your country and state. Organize events and workshops and invite people to attend these events. Tell them how these particular events can help them and how they are important. This will dramatically increase the number of people who are aware of your company.

Recently, Genetech Solutions celebrated an Eid event. We displayed our company’s brand image in front of hundreds of people through a large sized banner displayed at the event.

celebrating eid with Genetech

7) Request Influencers to be interviewed on your Blog:
Conduct interview sessions of influencers on your blog and share it on your social media platforms. You will certainly get shares and visits on your blog as people love to follow the advice and suggestions given by these big names. Also request your interviewees to share the interview among other users in their circles. View the screenshot below and take a look at how the founder of Six Revisions ‘Jacob Gube‘ tweeted his interview and shared it with thousands of his followers.

jacob gube interview shares

8) Co-Ordination and Interaction with High Profile People:
If you own a business then it’s a great chance for you to interact with high profile people of the same industry. It will help you to discuss your business prospects with them. Recently, the founder of Moz ‘Rand Fishkin’ and the founder of SEER Interactive ‘Wil Reynolds’ decided to swap their roles for a week. Rand acted as the CEO of SEER Interactive and Wil took charge as the CEO of Moz.

Rand swapping CEO roles with Wil Reynolds

This may seem a bit risky, but in my opinion they built a large community around their brand through this creative decision of swapping roles. The community of Moz and SEER Interactive got connected to each other thus building a large business community.

9) Catchy Infographics can do Wonders:
Infographics are the best way to make your potential customers aware about your business. It’s not an updated technique but it still works and can do wonders for your business. All you need to do is to spend some time to create the content and design for your infographic. If both the content and the design of your infographic are perfect then it can easily go viral and has a better chance to be shared on diversified channels including different blogs, infographic sites and social media.

10) Welcoming Users through Blog Commenting:
This technique is often considered to be a spam but believe me when I tell you this that once it is properly done, it turns out to be one of the best ways to derive traffic towards your company. Commenting and interacting with thousands of users on other platforms help you to attain bonus traffic that you gain without making any big efforts.

Hope this detailed post will help you to design a community building and brand exposure strategy. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section.

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