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What is UX Web Design all about?
Recently, UX design has become a much hyped topic in the web design industry. The term User Experience Design was given its name by Don Norman at the time when he was the Vice President of the Advanced Technology Group at Apple in the 1990’s. In layman’s terms, a UX web design caters to all major aspects of a user’s experience (perceptions, emotions and decisions) when he goes through a website.

Let’s shed some light on the elements of a winning UX web design for a successful website.

Information Architecture
More commonly known as the IA, Information Architecture refers to the organization and classification of information within a website. The core purpose of IA is to ensure that visitors/users can find their desired information easily and readily without getting lost in navigation. It is aimed at delivering meaningful options to users in order to complete a particular task.

Interaction Design
By Interaction Design, we mean the structure and behavior of interactive systems. When we say, interaction design, we do not mean graphic design but the combination of both graphics and interaction.

This interaction design should be consistent, comprehensible and intuitive. A UX design incorporates the right type of typogaphy, textures and color tones to setup the right interaction tone for your website. Such elements ‘guide’ a user rather than obstruct him to make his way to a successful conversion with less number of clicks.

Visual Design
Today, visual design has a completely different meaning from what it would have been some years back. Like interaction design, the visual design is also user-centered. A design which is visually compelling but negates the basic requirements of your users will likely to succumb to failure.

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Today, HTML5 and CSS3 have become the most successful combination to provide designers the opportunity to create the kind of features that would have previously needed either flash, javascript or some pretty hardcore designing. With such advancements, a non interactive visual design can be the biggest mistake for your business website.

This is what UX design is actually all about. It is always about your user and the usability your website has to offer. One factor which must be incorporated into every UX design element including this one is consistency. This means that the typography, navigation, design elements, hyperlinks and colors should be consistent throughout the website. In other words, the website must have a specific theme which goes well with your user. Web users are known for scanning information rather than reading it. Complex features and content will induce a ‘getting lost’ feeling into your user decreasing the usability element of your website.

Market Research
Whatever efforts the UX designer is going to put into your UX web design should to be thoroughly researched. This involves understanding and finding out what your target audience expects out of your website. Also, how will they react to the different elements which will be incorporated into your IA, Visual and Interaction Design and your usability strategy.

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Why do you need a UX web design?
Due to its immense popularity, many famous brands are beginning to trust and invest into getting a UX web design for their companies. The future of web design promises to bring more exciting developments in the web design industry. Every business website aims to deliver exactly what its users are looking for. It’s now the right time to ask yourself whether your website has a UX web design for giving you an edge over your competitors.

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