Genetech Solutions is now a part of a new business coalition called Innovere Group. It comprises four companies with a mission to provide technology services to their customers and expand their operations in the EU.

Genetech Solutions is always open to productive partnerships and believes in the power of collaborating and capitalizing on our strengths. By combining the efforts and expertise of different organizations, each member in the network is better equipped to innovate and grow, increasing their competitiveness on various levels. We heavily invest in internal cooperation and give equal importance to external collaboration.

The core portfolio of all partnering companies provides technology services to businesses looking for offshore technology partners and to hire cost-effective and skilled tech teams.

Context: trends in technology outsourcing

Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) is the transfer of IT-related duties in return for contracted labor provided at a better cost. To build outsourcing services, ITO companies have used their expertise as IT support providers and deliver trained staff tailored to improve client productivity, efficiency, and security. These days, businesses outsource to reduce development costs and create strategic alliances that foster innovation and expansion. Pakistan has experienced the fastest growth rates worldwide in the IT industry.  More than 2000 IT companies are currently established in Pakistan, and several private and public universities and skill-development programs are educating the next generation of technologists.

Context: Background of the European market

Many European businesses prefer to outsource services to companies within their country, a practice known as domestic outsourcing. When outsourcing abroad, they prefer nearshore service providers because of their proximity, shared languages and cultures, and minimum time zone differences. For instance, 67% of Dutch businesses that outsourced software development in 2019 chose European service providers (and 33% from offshore). IT projects are usually intricate, extensive, and crucial to the client’s long-term strategic success. As a result, effective communication between customers and service providers is important.

European markets are known for following conventional business practices regarding outsourcing. They have strict conditions and requirements, particularly when importing software services. It is challenging for new businesses outside the EU to build relationships and gain their trust. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the ITO industry and increased digitization among European businesses. As a result, Europe is now opening up to hiring companies and talent from all over the globe.

Context: Need for this collaboration

Collaboration is a blessing in a world where business entities are constantly racing to acquire competitive advantages over others. The world is moving quickly, with competition among companies growing daily. Although competition is not inherently bad, it prevents us from reaching our full potential since it is alienating. Contrarily, collaboration is progressing as a whole. Business models that encourage collaboration and cooperation are particularly positioned to capture market share in this transition era as client habits, and expectations evolve. When different ideas and dissenting views combine, they result in businesses’ mutual growth and development.

Individual businesses may face many challenges while attempting to compete in global marketplaces. To compete in markets that are typically out of their reach, organizations can complement one another through collaboration and specialization in various fields. Therefore, Genetech, Kualitatem, and Virtual force have collaborated with TEO, a Denmark based company, to form the Innovere Group. This collaboration aims to take advantage of opening markets in the EU, establish trust, and create new relationships.

Inauguration of the Innovere Group

Innovere is essentially a synergy of Genetech Solutions, Kualitatem.Inc, TEO, and Virtual force formed to engage on issues affecting businesses worldwide. Innovere is here to use the collective power of these companies to learn from one another and grow as a team while consistently innovating and offering value to the clients.

With around 600 technology professionals, we have expertise in various tech stacks and extensive experience in providing complex business solutions. This collaboration will enhance our international clientele’s output, efficiency, and service delivery. We are prepared to take on the task of resolving significant business-specific problems and leverage both our individual and collective skills.


Innovere is formed with the collaboration of four companies from two continents. Let’s take a look at the specifications of each collaborating company.

Genetech Solutions

Genetech Solutions is a multi-award-winning software development company that offers its global clientele end-to-end technology solutions and services. Custom software development, business apps, mobile app development, web development, cyber security and disaster recovery, technical SEO and troubleshooting, as well as offshore resource augmentation are all areas in which we excel. Genetech Solutions offers complete technology solutions and services worldwide to small and medium-sized enterprises. Genetech is also a company with a mission as we work extensively in Gender Inclusion in Tech and provide guidance and support to many non-profit initiatives.

  • 500+ projects
  • 90%  offshore clients
  • 200+ happy customers

Kualitatem Inc.

KUALITATEM is a global Consulting, Audit and Assurance company specializing in Software Quality Assurance, Information Security, Technology Process Optimization and Cloud Infrastructure. Kualitatem is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified company. Kualitatem Inc. is the only TMMi Level 4 compliant software testing business worldwide. Gartner has recognized them twice for their track record of providing Fortune 1000 companies across numerous industry verticals with top-notch software testing services.

  • 540+ happy clients
  • 2080+ projects
  • 10,40,000+ test libraries


In 2007, founder and CEO Zahid Abdullah founded the Danish software company TEO A/S (Talented Earth Organization). Their core competencies are the formation of complex systems and mobile app solutions, and they also offer solutions to both commercial and public businesses. Since its foundation, TEO has grown steadily, created software for more than 90 Denmark based organizations, and is a co-owner of multiple other businesses today.

  • 10+ apps/solutions developed
  • 90+ served customers

Virtual Force

Virtual force is a cutting-edge tech accelerator that works with human-driven goals. They collaborate with businesses, growth agencies, and startups that share enthusiasm and creativity for making the world a better place. Virtual Force has changed the finance industry with its incredible AI and ML integrations and has also developed outstanding marketing campaigns supported by IBM Watson in conjunction with digital agencies. Its startup partners have raised well over $150 million in capital.

  • 300+ valued partners
  • 200+ expert engineers
  • 10+ years of experience


In today’s globalized world with growing IT complications, collaboration with companies is the need of the hour. With the help of these companies, Innovere Group aims to provide practical solutions to these technology and talent problems. As a growing global brand, we are opening new windows of opportunity for other companies to join hands with us for enhanced service delivery and improved business efficiencies.

For details, visit Innovere Group.

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