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When was the last time a customer reached you through Facebook? With 1.19 billion monthly active users, Facebook holds great potential to grow a company’s customer-base. At the same time, a Facebook App designed particularly for a brand can be a branding tool for promoting its products and services.

Such an app is a crucial element of a brand’s healthy social presence in order to augment online sales, offer discounted services and much more. Using social media for business will no doubt benefit you in the long run. A personalized Facebook app enables your customers to review your services and products leaving a drastic impact on your conversion rates.

Many companies have acquired their own apps to incorporate into their company pages facilitating their users with a superior customer experience.

Let’s quickly review what you can do with your Facebook App for promoting your business:

Redirect your Facebook traffic to your Website
Almost everybody uses Facebook daily. That ‘everybody’ may not be your customer. But he’s surely hooked on to something which is the common ground between you and him. If a user comes across your company’s Facebook page, he is sure to visit your website through your personalized app by clicking on the App tab. This app can offer many features to lure him to your web front. Some of these are:

  • business updates
  • showcase a particular set of products/accessories
  • offer short video tutorials to show how your products work
  • provide customer support

Build Your Social Networking Platforms
Another useful aspect of a business app is that it can converge your worldwide users to a single platform. Be it twitter, linkedin or pinterest. This naturally means that your Facebook fan following will also start following you on these social networks. By doing so, you can promote a social network with relatively less followers in order to equally maintain your fans on all networking channels. Furthermore, you can do a number of things.

  • provide engaging content on your social networking forums
  • announce your updates, product launches and any special upcoming business venture
  • bring all your viewers and customers to a single platform

More Conversions with easily accessible Contact Forms
Finally, the most important and the core objective of your Facebook App, is to convert more users. You can direct your users to your contact forms through your app. 91% of local searches say they use Facebook to look for a business. Facebook’s easy maneuverability gets a user in the habit of clicking and moving from one page to another. When he reaches a way to contact you, he intuitively clicks on it to arrive on your support or contact page. With a contact form you are encouraging the users to:

  • get in touch with you while they are still using Facebook
  • become your customers with no advertising
  • stop going too far off course and follow a straightforward path to your contact form
keep calm and do more sales

A large number of Facebook brand apps have skyrocketed into the industry. Clearly, companies which are creating their own apps have used Facebook to create a powerful human touch with their users. This enables their customers to get connected to a brand more easily. A Facebook app may just be what you’re looking for to stay ahead of your rivals’ Facebook pages.

Abbas Rajani

is an SEO Strategist and Social Media Specialist at Genetech Solutions, a leader in Custom Web Design, Web Development, iPhone Application Development and other IT related solutions from Pakistan. Follow @abbas_rajani for more online and digital marketing updates.

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