Breaking the Myths of Virtual Staffing

myths of virtual staffing

As the name suggests, virtual staffing means assigning your work to a team of professionals working for you from an off-site location. Although recently, much emphasis is given on how you can grow your business using virtual teams, there are still many myths surrounding the subject.

Let’s try to prove why these myths are not always justifiable and how virtual staffing takes care of your development and other projects while you focus on your core business.

Good for only short term Projects
No doubt, this is the worst of all accusations. If your relationship with your virtual team turns out to be a success, you can extend your contracts and go from part-time to full time at any point! In many cases, businesses want to stick to the same service providers for decades for data security purposes.

Virtual team members are hired randomly!
Another misconception that just about anyone can be selected as a team member scares businesses away. In reality, the selection process is carried out with utmost diligence ensuring that no incompetent individual is selected. 70% of the people who are interviewed for these positions are rejected initially. You have the full authority to select or remove a team member if you think he is not suitable to work on your projects. Most companies that offer virtual staffing make it a point to share resumes with their clients and interview shortlisted candidates only.

Virtual Staffing is too expensive
Small business owners generally believe that hiring a virtual staff is something they just cannot afford. However, if you take a look at the expenditure needed to recruit and manage in-house employees, it is definitely worth trying for. By opting virtual staffing, you are actually summing up all the requisite admin and technical expenses into just one service. This makes it a cost-effective method of executing your development or other related projects.

It is just too complicated
Most businesses fear the concept of going virtual, thinking the process will take a lot of their precious time. It is important to know that with the current technological advancements in communication, nothing is less than a click away. From starting your project to receiving daily or frequent updates, your business ventures are owned and worked on with 100% dedication. Your virtual service providers are in the business to make and sustain clients. Therefore, they deliver their very best to comply with all your business related queries for a hassle free journey.

Virtual Teams are Irresponsible
Since your virtual teams are not working within your physical dimensions, you would probably deem them less responsible than your in-house teams. In reality, these teams are strictly monitored and are accountable for all your projects. The project manager keeps a thorough check of how your projects are dealt with and provide you with updated feedback as many times as you require. The staff members are promoted or demoted on how well they perform on your assignments.

Virtual Staffing is Limited to only Technical Projects
The internet has miraculously gathered experts from all fields under a single umbrella. Although web/ mobile app development takes up a major portion of the virtual staffing services, you can also assign many other services to these teams such as content creation, SEO, social media management and many more. You can explore such virtual services provider who offer more than one service in particular giving you the freedom to concentrate on your core business while they take care of all your other development and other projects.

Virtual Staffing is a blessing for today’s business owners. The trend is becoming increasingly popular as businesses wish to expand their horizons to do what they are best at and let others do the needful for their development projects and fortifying their online presence. Get your business a virtual team today.

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