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Everyone is aware of how effective offshore development teams are. It is extremely beneficial for a business to grow using virtual staffing services. However, some businesses find it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with their dedicated development teams.

Here are some tips and tricks for businesses to establish and maintain a trustworthy connection for successful business projects.

Communication is the Key
For any project to be defined, explained and then executed: a proper communication channel should be devised or preferred. Your offshore teams must be able to contact you through mediums like Skype, GoToMeeting or any other software. This will help to avoid any confusion in project management. Keep your conversations short and sweet. Another reason to choose a communication platform is to have every project detail on the record.

Consider them like your in-house Teams
A team works well when there’s a strong interaction and communication instilled in the project management process. After there is a communication medium set for timely updates, it is essential to bond and create a strong business connection with your team. As you may suffer from cross cultural issues while working with a virtual team, making a solid connection with your offshore teams allows trust to be developed at both ends.

Set a Fixed Meeting Schedule
When you start considering your offshore development team as a part of your own, you automatically want to keep a steady flow of updates from them. Instead of going back and forth on a meeting date, it is extremely helpful to schedule a fixed meeting time for all team members. In this way a lot of precious time is saved at both the ends. You may be available at all times during a high priority task but for other any issues which can be covered in a general meeting, fix a time which is convenient for both you and your offshore development team.

Get to know how they work
As a business owner, you may not be all that interested to know how your teams are working. You are no doubt more concerned about the end result. However, it is always favorable to get to know how your teams are going about your project. What are the updated technologies they are using and what is the fundamental working style of your team. Are they following conventional methods to develop your projects which may slow down a couple of elements or are they comfortable with agile software development. This will help you to judge your teams in case a problem arises.
once you are able to accomplish this and set up an engagement with a reliable service provider, you’re in for the long haul.

Place high priority on protecting Intellectual Property
One of the myths about virtual staffing is lack of security. If you have joined hands with virtual staffing teams who have been in the business for a long time, you can rest assured they are there because of their solid reputation. Your dedicated development teams make sure that ‘the code’ which is your most valuable asset remains safe and secure. Be sure that your teams agree on entering a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. Avoid sharing any critical portions of your code with developers in locations with a doubtful confidentiality history.

As soon as you are able to resolve these management issues with your virtual staffing service providers, you will able to accomplish your desired results. Hence, you will increase your productivity with less resources and expenditures which is the primary goal hiring a virtual staffing services.

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