Role of Content for an Effective Marketing Rollout

role of content for an effective marketing rollout

The term content writing is now common place in the IT world. Not only that, a website that wants to promote any sort of marketing, must have well written content to fill its pages as it directly influences the response of a prospective customer to their brand or idea.

Content gets customers. That’s because content is humane. It can serve to summarize achievements, have a convincing conversation which the customers can choose to continue, or present a light hearted twist to your topic of choice to woo the client… well written content can work wonders. One of the things that makes it so effective is that content can be written to be very target specific. Content bridges the ‘technology gap’ and lets you let your client you understand them and their requirements.Your content can relay exactly what you provide to attract clients that you can effectively satisfy, to ensure a good deal for all involved.

The perfect match:
Content is really all there is to a conversation, everything else is salad dressing. Knowing how to speak to your client is key. Knowing what sort of content will most effectively get your point across to your target audience is how a good content writer stands out from the bunch.Different content channels communicate effectively with different clients:


  • Are they an aggressive buyers with little time and employees to do back research on the company they choose . In this case a video might work best. Frame your audio visual content around current progress and achievements. Include certification and any awards your brand may have won. Make it short and to the point.
  • A safe buyer presumably in a risky business, or one that is related to an important personal matter (life insurance for example) is looking for detailed information, preferably in a case study format, with guaranteed ROI, content with sufficient depth to well educate the reader, links to ebooks, pdfs or audio/visual aid to download and take with you, overall well based data and sufficient data that satisfies the reader enough that they entrust you with their business.

You know best:
Take the lead with your content. current technology allows the client to know more about their product/service of interest than ever before. Remember that your product is still something you know more about. Educate, don’t assume your client knows your product better than you. Always back up the brand you represent. If a brand promotes the invaluable or uniqueness of its product, the client believes it.

Influence using social success, (appearing in casual blogs, having a decent facebook page) works well. Include social success in your content when leading with your idea, as it shows the reader that you have a following. Use social standing to groom your company into looking approachable and likable. if possible start blogs and share innovative ideas with your client pool, on how to best benefit from your services. Become the better business by cultivating the better customer.

The ideology applied… LeadMd:
As a marketing automation consultancy, runsdeals with a variety of customers. They claim that content is the best way they have to interact with their clients. LeadMd advise on the best way to market a brand or an idea by focusing primarily on the type of customers it is targeted towards. Most of their thoughts and strategies are summarized above, as their biggest focus is well structured content. Justin Grey, the CEO of Lead Md has given a short interview further explaining these points. He also mentions how to structure business deals to facilitate customers after you’ve got them, so they keep coming back.

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