Under Estimating the Power of LinkedIn can Harm your Business

under estimating the power of linkedIn can harm your business

If you own an online business then it’s obvious that you know about social media marketing. Beside search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing has its vast field and scope. Almost all businesses from large scale to small scale have presence on different social media networks that mostly include Facebook, Twitter and Google+ but what about LinkedIn? It has been noticed that many online marketers do not focus on LinkedIn when they are drawing strategies for their social media campaign. This is a huge blunder on their part. Let me explain why.

LinkedIn Effectiveness
No doubt Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have good engagement levels but LinkedIn is a professional network that helps you to connect directly with people from different industries and can help you to nurture your leads.

If you are willing to get involved with professionals then LinkedIn is a good place to play because LinkedIn has over 200 million users. According to a survey 47.6% of users confirmed that they use LinkedIn up to hours per week, 26% use it for 3 to 4 hours a week and 12.2 % use it for 5 to 6 hours per week. There are hundreds of thousands of group that can help you in exploring new people around the globe.

From a reference to Jeff Bullas:

  • 76.9% of users think that LinkedIn helped them finding people and companies.
  • 49.7% find LinkedIn as a good place for building new network relationships with others that may influence potential customers.

Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tools for your Business
LinkedIn has enhanced a lot of features in the past years that include its appearance and format of the users and company profile. Along with this, they have also updated some marketing tools such as:

Company Pages
This is a common term for LinkedIn users but even they do not know how to properly manage the company pages. Your company page should adopt these standards:

  1. Set an attractive and good profile image that reflects your professional identity.
  2. Try to update your profile by providing your followers new and unique information at least twice a day.
  3. The company description is the most important part because it helps your audience to understand your business.
  4. Describe and clarify each product and service

LinkedIn company pages

Get Feedback through Polls
LinkedIn Polls allows you to share or ask questions related to your business research, products and things that are related directly or indirectly to your business. This way you can get feedback from other users. This LinkedIn app allows you to boost user engagement and create a strong link between your business and its consumers.

LinkedIn Polls

Customize your Marketing with LinkedIn Ads API
This tool helps marketers to customize their marketing campaign. It offers a variety of features to promote your business and reach your targeted audience for potential leads. It also allows a company to sort out professionals that are linked with their perspective industries and design its campaign in such a way that its business can play with the leads.

LinkedIn Ads API

LinkedIn has other great resources as well and if properly utilized, they can prove to be an effective asset for your business. So if you still think that you should devaluate LinkedIn from other social networks, think again!

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