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Are you looking to give your business a long lasting life? No more worries! The rise of social networking websites and platforms have provided today’s businesses a great chance to promote and establish their brand identities. To make your business survive in the worldwide social network, you must be aware what exactly can you achieve through your social network.

Social networking has become the most popular trend to seek out customers in less time with quick lead generations and by acquiring referrals. Social networking is not just limited to having a prominent online presence on Social Media for example Twitter and Facebook. The key is to utilize social media for branding purposes and make use of other social networking websites. There are several social websites and channels to build social connections which can later convert to business relationships.

Google Plus, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Flickr are just some names where you can build your social networks to promote yourself as a budding or a seasoned business owner. How these networking websites and channels help you to survive in the long run? I will tell you with some examples.

Free Self Promotion to Existing and potential Customers
Social networking allows you to promote yourself forever. Almost all social networking websites are either completely free or charge a small sum of money which is almost negligible when it comes to their advantages in the bigger picture. Whether you are launching a new business, updating your existing products or adding a new service, every update can instantly be reached to thousands of users and your existing clientele. In The Four Myths of Self-Promotion, Kelly Watson emphasizes how ignoring self promotion can lead to less business exposure. She gives examples of successful business owners who previously thought of self promotion to be rude and unethical but later regretted their decisions after viewing the impact of their belief on their careers. A Tweet about your new venture or a Facebook status to invite users to comment on your services promotes your self and gives you guidelines for the future. The instant feedback that you receive from your updates ensure that you stick to what works for you and discard the elements which can harm your reputation and business.

Steady Flow of Clients
It is reported that 72% of online adults are registered with social networking sites. As business owners, the core purpose of your business networking is to expand your target audience and to be connected more with your potential customers. As more people get connected to your company page they will spread the word, recommend your services and testify about your company. A well knit marketing strategy to involve more and more users will, in the long run, create and preserve a positive reputation of a business. People begin to trust your online reputation and this will ensure that you get a steady flow of clients. In this regard, do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a very good social networking utility which introduces you to hundreds of users who can either become your business partner or your clients for years to come.

Hire people within your Social Network
It may come across as a peculiar suggestion but the truth is, with each passing year there will be some users or contacts in your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + contact lists who will become reliable sources of information, expertise and support. By the end of 2014, Twitter is likely to tweet 2 million job postings per month. This means that social networking websites and channels can become a reliable recruitment platform. Filter out people who may be of use to you and your business. Is there someone who is an expert in his field and flaunts testimonials from other contacts of that network. You can initially start the hiring process by checking their services on hourly basis. Once you trust their credentials enough, you can offer them to join hands with you and negotiate the terms and conditions. The older the connection is, the sooner mutual trust will be developed.

The more active you are in your social networks, the more chances you will have to promote yourself, ensure a smooth flow of clients and get connected to the right people in the long run. Social networking is the key to establish and maintain your business relations for a successful business tenure

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