Tug of War: Web Design Agency or Crowdsourcing

company vs crowdsourcing

Most of the businessmen (clients) fail in making efficient decisions when it comes to accomplishing a web related project. The major reason is that usually clients do not have a similar background or they may be lacking in hiring the right resource for their projects.

If you are planning to hire a resource that can design or develop your website as per your expectations, then you would want to opt for either ‘crowdsourcing’ or “hiring a company service”.

Majority of business owners prefer to crowdsource their company projects, simply because they believe in the established conventional trends which are being inherited from their predecessors. They can’t find the real image behind the scene of Crowdsourcing. Their minds have been totally filled with misconceptions and fabricated facts against hiring a web design firm.

Common Myths of Hiring a Web Design Company:

1. Limitation of Ideas
It’s a common belief, that company designers have limited ideas and this legacy is being transferred from old-fashioned generations. They think that crowdsourcing is the best solution because it offers many a number of ideas from numerous designers around the globe. On the other hand, a company has a single team of designers causing limitation of ideas and creativity.

limitation of ideas

But I am strongly in the favor of hiring a company not because I am working with them. It’s because that they work as a join team. The whole team members work on a single idea to make it a perfect model for your business.

As far as crowdsourcing is concerned, you won’t find consistency in ideas due to the fact that thousands of users are bidding on the same project. Multiple ideas might confuse you and consume a lot of time in the creation a final design.

2. Too much Costly
Quality comes at a cost, that’s a fact! It’s a common phenomena that the quality of a work depends on its cost offered. If you are handing over your project to a certified company then you will definitely get something positive from it and it’s a one time cost. You do not need to consult the designer again and again.

Well, it is known to everyone in the industry that crowdsourcing lessens the cost of your project. This is because the freelancers who are bidding on your project are just considering the ‘MONEY’ factor regardless of quality. As a result, you need to make extra attempts to finalize your design, expecting to charge you each time.

3. Deadline Ignorant
No doubt, a company has more projects as compared to an individual freelancer. At the same time, they have to meet bunch of deadlines. That is why many clients wonder that their project will be not given high priority.

In reality, it is apparent that if a company is having a cluster of projects they will also have equal resources to meet their targets.

4. Lack of Trustworthiness

Trust is the most valuable business asset as this factor alone can either transform your investment into success or a lesson. Businessmen who are looking to hire a resource or placing their bids think that companies are mostly corrupted.

This is a factual case but the majority of certified companies place trust seals icons and Certification links on their website. It is the best solutions to ensure their clients of their authenticity.

Why Choosing a Web Design Agency for your Business Project:

1. Experts with Diversified Backgrounds
A decent web agency will offer you a much better skill-set than an ordinary freelance designer. The reason being that in most of the cases, the freelancer is a one man show. On the other hand, an agency has a team of designers, digital marketers, branding gurus and technical experts who will judge your design from different aspects.


Perfection comes when different people with different backgrounds agree on the same point. An agency will make sure that the final design should be satisfactory from the design, SEO, development and other technical point of views.

2. Best Match for your Long Term Projects
When it comes to a long term project, an agency should be your prior choice. Why? Because they are the ones who can deliver you quality while managing your deadline. They have a perfect team along with QA analysts who are responsible to test and assure you the best of quality that you truly deserve.

3. Reliable and Trustworthy
Forming a new company requires legal registration and certification process without which no company can come into existence. Certified and experienced companies always place trust seals on their websites to let their customers trust them.

security seals trust

4. Good Customer Support
As discussed above, an agency represents a team of individuals giving their best to accomplish a project. Clients can get quick response to their emails and queries with a 24/7 customer service that is always ready to respond to their clients.

In a Nutshell:
In short, teamwork (company) can bring more results as compared to an individual freelancer. We have proved our claim by supporting the actual significance of hiring a company rather than degrading the practice of crowdsourcing. Final words on TEAM ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ 🙂

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