Why Responsive Web Design is an important element of a UX Design?

Why Responsive Web Design is an important element of a UX Design?
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For a website to pass the usability test it must include all the necessary UX design elements. A website must be able to retain a user and owing to technology, our short attention has made it impossible to consume time on something which is not user friendly.

It is important to know why responsive web designs have become one of the most important aspects of a UX design. For users on the go, a website which responds to their hand held devices make them want to spend more time reviewing the products and services offered by the website.

Let’s see how the responsive web design has become an important aspect of a UX design.

Tablet Friendly
Tablets are popular as they are very convenient to use. Approximately 6% of the global population possess a tablet. This accounts for almost 400 million people. With this growing number of tablets being used all over the world, it is essential to get a web design which will provide a smoother user experience to your tablet users. Since a responsive design will respond to the media queries of every individual device, your tablet users will happily go about your website if they can easily maneuver on your website.

Giving Justice to your Web Design
A responsive design makes sure the content of your website is displayed properly on the user’s device. Whether it’s a phone or tablet, a user is able to view your images, services and content with 100% precision. The user will not have to pinch in and pinch out the images or frantically move left or right to find what he’s looking for. With grids and search bars the whole website sums up to a convenient web design which gives exactly the treatment the content of your website deserves.

Good retention means Less Bounce Rate
This is not rocket science. If people come across your responsive website on their phone or iPad and do not revert to Google for a responsive design, your website will cut down your bounce rate considerably. As soon as the users are able to find your services and a visible way to contact you, they will access your services. Easy swiping and smooth navigation saves a lot of time of your user and makes his life easier.

less bounce rate

The reason why responsive design has become an important element of a UX design lies in its ability to respond to every user’s individual device. It’s all about the user experience and the responsive design has been considered one of the most effective methods to keep your web traffic happy.

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