Valued Clients

  • Christine Maier
  • Process was easy and communication was good. Took a little longer than I expected, even with some delays on my end.

    Christine Maier
    Christine Maier Owner
  • Asra Nadeem
  • In the spirit of encouraging other females, I want to give a huge shout out to Shamim Rajani. I recently got an opportunity to work with her team on a small project and it was some of the most clear communication, professionalism and timely delivery I have ever experienced from an offshore team, specially one being led in Pakistan

    Asra Nadeem
    Asra Nadeem Vice President, Draper University, Partner DraperU Ventures
  • Sabreeze Cleaning
  • This was my first time working with someone to help complete a website redesign. The project was successful and the communication between the team and I was spot on. I never needed to check in to make sure things were rolling. It was so easy and I love the redesign. Will definitely be back for future help. And did I mention, I live in the US, the time difference was practically nonexistent. Thank you!!

    Sabrina Whitten
    Sabrina Whitten Owner
  • Mayor at the City of Artesia, California
  • Genetech provided my campaign with the full range of web and graphic design support. Their website was clean, accessible and easy to navigate. The logo and advertising artwork they created was beautiful. Their ongoing support package was very good value and their team responded to our needs quickly and to specification.

    Ali S. Taj
    Ali S. Taj
  • Grow My Cleaning Company
  • Shamim and her team went above and beyond. I am based in the US and have worked with many overseas vendors and this is the first that not only met but exceeded expectations. Genetech built a website for us and not only was the quality of work excellent, but the communication was great and they adhered to timelines. When there was a question around scope of work, they always erred on my side. Can't recommend these people enough!!

    Mike Campion
    Mike Campion Host of the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast, Creator of the Clean Profit Method, Author, Speaker & Swell Guy
  • The O'Tahirah Foundation, INC.
  • Ather Anis
  • Noor Kids
  • Since the inception of our company, we've worked with three different web development agencies a primarily because we were not thrilled about previous experiences. Thankfully, our team will ever need to look any further than Genetech Solutions. We are thrilled about the experience Genetech provided, and are excited to partner with this team in the months and years to come! Genetech is quick, communicative, and executes with precision. The team has robust experience, which allows them to code/design cutting edge designs. I highly recommend Genetech Solutions for your next web development project. We are excited to build a long term partnership into the future. Thanks for the opportunity to share this feedback.

    Amin Aaser
    Amin Aaser Managing Director