Nutriwest is a nutritional supplement company offering herbal supplements. Our team was involved in developing their mobile app. The app is built using Flutter and offers a convenient way to explore and purchase herbal supplements.


E-THREAD promotes sustainable fashion in Australia, offering eco-friendly garment solutions across the country. We helped develop the mobile app for E-THREAD using Flutter.


GHIC app is a tracking app for "Geriatric In Home Care" caregivers and care coordinators who manage to perform daily and monthly schedule tasks at patient premises. The complete monitoring of their daily time in /timeout along with the tasks performed is reported to admin on the backend. The backend is also supported by "Reports".

Exotic Car Club

Exotic Car club is a social networking platform exclusively for exotic car lovers and owners, where you can show the world what fuels your passion.


340B Price Guide is a customized publication designed specifically for organizations enrolled in the 340B drug discount program. It also helps interpret and understand how pricing impacts finances and patient care. Our team led the development of their mobile application. The app is built on Flutter.

Houston Snaps


Attendance Application

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