Oasis Center

Strives to empower individuals through education, and open dialogue, promoting empathy and understanding across all divides.

The Sentinel

It’s a content-based website built over the Strapi framework (Headless CMS).  Users can read breaking news and inside commentary on American culture, politics, and business.

CPR To Life

CPR TO Life, by Ahya Foundation in USA, focuses on spreading awareness to prevent death and save lives in case of sudden cardiac arrest.

United Global Initiative

United Global Initiative is a community development foundation in USA, working and dedicating funds towards building stronger community, better health and education.


Utama Spice is a 100% natural skin care company based in Ubud, Bali; creating products with traditional herbal knowledge to enhance the natural beauty of skin.

Boracay Helicopter

Boracay Helicopters is an aircraft service offering airport transportation and island tours of Boracay, in highly reliable and safe helicopters.

MicroElecs Technical

MicroElec Technical is a premier Micro-Electronics company in Silicon Valley, with design expertise ranging from small analog designs to complex analog, digital embedded controllers and PCB layout.

Gandhara Trails

Gandhara Trails is a team of professional tour operators in Pakistan, specialists in cultural, adventure, incentive tours, treks, and safaris.

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