World's Highest Marathon

The race courses have been certified by the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) which is based on a number of parameters conforming to skyrunning regulations together with the GPX course data and an exclusive algorithm.

Altitude OCR

Founder Dave Pickles and co-founder Rob Edmond of Altitude OCR and World’s Highest OCR, bring their combined expertise of organising and leading extreme sporting and adventure world record-breaking events together. Altitude OCR is one of the five official disciplines of OCR and adventure racing for world obstacles.

World's Highest OCR

E.P. Global Events Limited and owned brands World’s Highest OCR, ALTITUDE OCR World Series, World Finals and World Championships have created, formulated and developed World’s Highest Standard’s to enhance quality of life and to help save lives within the preparation, event and post-event recovery.

Yellow Ball Sports

Yellow Ball Sports is a soft-ball event organizer, offering better solutions for oversized tournaments in old fashioned way.

USA Elite Training

USA Elite Training provides professional softball training to players of all ages with the most effective training equipment and techniques, with goals to raise their skill to the next level.

Sable Sportsman

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