Mobile Applications

Above all, a mobile phone app needs to be very usable. Users on the go do not have the luxury of a big computer screen, and a stable internet connection, so their maneuvering capabilities are severely compromised. As the problem is unsolvable at the users end, the smart phone app needs to be built to work around small screens, bad internet and lousy touch phones.

mobile apps

Keeping in mind all that can go wrong on the move, apps need to be light, so that they open fast and process faster, be clutter free to allow easy user maneuverability, and have great aesthetic value, to attract its target audience in the first place. Another important factor is that users on the move are fairly impatient; applications that take too long to load will be shot down by a huge percentage.

Since 2010 Mobile searches have grown by about 400%. People have moved onto smart phones (iPhone and Android) as their go-to information platform on the go. With most of the demographic so heavily reliant on cell phones, a well developed mobile phone application can make all the difference for your company. Applications that provide information, tools and services regarding your area of work, to your customers can help your enterprise thrive in this fast paced era.

Though the market is riddled with thousands of apps, as mentioned before, the right kind of iPhone Applications Development is what matters. Badly designed applications will hurt your business more than help it as they will aggravate your clients, and drive them away.

That's why when you get an app developed, you need to make sure that you're using a team of experienced developers and talented designers, who don't take shortcuts, and together create an extremely functional and elegant application. At Genetech Solutions we focus on quality design and development, assured by our extensive Quality Assurance testing, which means that you can relax and know that you'll get a great app.

We develop apps for both the iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android platforms. Our iPhone developers can develop iPhone applications for Social Networking, Sports, Utilities, Travel, Weather or any other niche.

If you'd like to know more, feel free to take a look at our portfolio. You'll see that we have a great deal of experience in application development, ranging from games to web-based services.