Taste of Blue

Concierge Service App for the Elites

The Perspective Behind the Taste of Blue

Taste of Blue is a concierge service app for the elite. Steve Sims, creator of Bluefish, the company set on making premier experiences happen wanted an app to accompany his business of making elite events happen. The app was to be the go-to stop for people looking to get access to elite events and hard to get services & experiences. The client was looking for a custom app to cater to his custom business requirements.

Specs & Deliverable

  • Development


  • Developed

    Website & Apple Store Application

  • The

    Luxury Concierge Service

  • APIs &

    Dialogue Flow, PriceLine, TicketNetwork

  • Region

    The United States

The Challenge

The client previously had a white label app, there were several shortcomings in the app and it proved impractical for the business. That’s where Genetech Solutions came in. The client approached us with an idea and a small scope of what he wanted. Our challenge was to turn that idea into a feasible working product with an AI-enabled bot that would work as a travel agent. The bot, Toby should be well trained enough to be able to come up with replies and possible packages for the users based on their queries. The app would be accompanied by a website from where users can register/apply for the exclusive app. In addition to that, the business caters to high-end clients, so nothing but the very best would suffice.

The Solutions

Once we had a scope in mind the team at Genetech Solution began brainstorming for ideas. The development methodology used for this project was agile as it was best suited to handle the ever-evolving scope and client requirements. The first step was to come up with the frameworks and APIs that were going to be used in the building of the app. We proposed multiple options for our client to select from. Then determine the best-suited options by close-knit collaboration with the team and client. Selected APIs for development included Priceline, Ticket Network, and Dialogue Flow (API.AI). Priceline was used for fetching Hotels, Flights, Vacation Packages, Rental Cars, and other important data for Taste of Blue. Likewise, TicketNetwork API was used for fetching events for the app. For the development of the AI bot/travel assistant. Dialogue Flow was used.

The Process

The Taste of Blue project began first with client meetings and requirement gathering. A project plan was prepared to lay out the whole development cycle. To start off the team worked on building scenarios and defining a proper flow of the application.

In-Depth research and study was conducted to determine the proper APIs and frameworks to be used in the project. Our team came up with multiple possible APIs to be used. First up was framework selection for the human assistant/travel agent ToBy. Dialogue Flow, or better know as api.ai at that time was deemed fit as it provided easier integration with our app. Next was the selection of APIs for fetching travel data like flights, car rentals, packages, etc. In that Priceline was the winner due to its extensive database and partnership with multiple varying travel sites.

Once all the frameworks and APIs were selected for the project the team moved on towards building a mockup. User stories were prepared for alternating scenarios. The team worked on use cases, activity diagrams, screen mockups, and wireframes for the application. Then came in designing. Multiple iOS screen designs were made for the application before moving towards the development of the project. As the client approved the designs the real show began.


At Genetech, our main objective is customer satisfaction. During deployment of the app, our team was on-call day and night to ensure that nothing went awry. We used agile to ensure that our client was looped in and in control of the development process. Periodic sprint meetings were conducted to tackle the everchanging client requirements. Our team also provided support during the event launch of the application and made sure that the application providing concierge service for the Elite was also itself elite in all regards.