Client Reviews

  • Loved working with Genetech's team. In the last couple of years, they have delivered some excellent work for me and I recommend them to everyone who is looking for a software services company. The best part about working with them is their ability to bring solutions to the table and work in close collaboration with their clients.

    Founder at WomenInTechPK, Chief Consultant at OuttaBox Founder at WomenInTechPK
    Founder at WomenInTechPK, Chief Consultant at OuttaBox
  • They're efficient and they're a pleasure to work with.

    2020indy 2020indy
  • Process was easy and communication was good. Took a little longer than I expected, even with some delays on my end.

    Christine Maier Owner Christine Maier
    Christine Maier
  • This was my first time working with someone to help complete a website redesign.

    The project was successful and the communication between the team and I was spot on. I never needed to check in to make sure things were rolling. It was so easy and I love the redesign. Will definitely be back for future help. And did I mention, I live in the US, the time difference was practically nonexistent. Thank you!!

    Sabrina Whitten Owner Sabreeze Cleaning
    Sabrina Whitten
  • I will be using Genetech on all future projects! They took my unartistic feedback and made it look and work great. I'm based in the USA and am more pleased with Shamim's team (call out to Rabia!) than I was with past website developers.

    Matt Pencarinha Owner, Reliable Medical Cleaning
    Matt Pencarinha
  • In the spirit of encouraging other females, I want to give a huge shout out to Shamim Rajani. I recently got an opportunity to work with her team on a small project and it was some of the most clear communication, professionalism and timely delivery I have ever experienced from an offshore team, specially one being led in Pakistan

    Asra Nadeem Vice President, Draper University, Partner DraperU Ventures Asra Nadeem
    Asra Nadeem
  • Genetech provided my campaign with the full range of web and graphic design support. Their website was clean, accessible and easy to navigate. The logo and advertising artwork they created was beautiful. Their ongoing support package was very good value and their team responded to our needs quickly and to specification.

    Ali S. Taj Mayor at the City of Artesia, California
    Ali S. Taj
  • Shamim and her team went above and beyond. I am based in the US and have worked with many overseas vendors and this is the first that not only met but exceeded expectations.

    Genetech built a website for us and not only was the quality of work excellent, but the communication was great and they adhered to timelines. When there was a question around scope of work, they always erred on my side. Can't recommend these people enough!!

    Mike Campion Host of the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast, Creator of the Clean Profit Method, Author, Speaker & Swell Guy Grow My Cleaning Company
    Mike Campion
  • Working with Genetech Solutions was efficient, and I believe we developed a high quality website for our mutual client that will support the client's objectives relative to attracting and retaining patients and driving referrals from other physicians. Genetech was responsive, flexible and communicated effectively so we could move the project along swiftly and efficiently.

    Toni Eberhardt President, Prescriptive Communications, LLC Southwest Kidney Institute, PLC
    Toni Eberhardt
  • Since the inception of our company, we've worked with three different web development agencies a primarily because we were not thrilled about previous experiences. Thankfully, our team will ever need to look any further than Genetech Solutions. We are thrilled about the experience Genetech provided, and are excited to partner with this team in the months and years to come!

    Genetech is quick, communicative, and executes with precision. The team has robust experience, which allows them to code/design cutting edge designs.

    I highly recommend Genetech Solutions for your next web development project. We are excited to build a long term partnership into the future. Thanks for the opportunity to share this feedback.

    Amin Aaser Managing Director Noor Kids
    Amin Aaser
  • We are very pleased with the outcome. We are and plan to keep using Genetech in the future.
    We initially had reservation about using an overseas company around communications and if there would be issue with understanding what we wanted.

    1. Communication was clear and prompt. The response and effort (above and beyond) by Genetech was exemplary. They were waiting on us most of the time.

    2. Understanding what we wanted - Genetech delivered what we wanted and contribute a great deal to the design. Easy to work with.

    I would recommend Genetech.

    Kirk Samsel VP Products P&RO Solutions
    Kirk Samsel
  • I have worked with Genetech for over 10 years. Shamim and her team helped build and maintain 4 different websites. The projects they have delivered have been very high quality, at an affordable price and always delivered on time. They are easy to communicate with and quick to respond when you need them. Just recently I pinged them on a holiday and they went above and beyond to be there to fix my issue.

    When discussing and submitting projects they offer good suggestions on how to create better flow and streamline ideas. I have nothing but good things to say about Genetech Solutions. I will continue to use them for my web development needs.

    Chad Pegura My Boracay Guide, Phillipines
    Chad Pegura
  • Genetech is an amazing company. Very faithful and loyal. They always complete the job and go out of their way to help at no extra cost. Their project manager Bilal is especially amazing, he recently completed an academic site of ours which is absolutely wonderful. Thanks a million!

    Tom Tabrizi Berkeley Institute for Islamic Studies
    Tom Tabrizi
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Genetech for several years now. I would not work with any other group. The projects have been varied and have included website design (they have done multiple sites for me and are always unique and creative), app development (multiple projects) and also using their dedicated developer service. In all of these areas, I have found Genetech to be knowledgeable, on time and willing to take on projects that have been unusual and outside the norm. Genetech's people always go above and beyond and I feel they are part of my company!

    In regards to their app development, I cannot overstate their expertise and also their fearlessness to take on projects that are outside the norm and over deliver on the final product.

    I have recently taken advantage of their dedicated developer service and have been extremely happy with their response time and their the ability of the developer to think "outside the box" when needed.

    The major part for me is the communication. Initially I was concerned about the ability to communicate with an overseas programmer but with Genetech there has never been an issue. Their response time and ability to understand my needs has been beyond my expectation.

    I would work with no one else and highly recommend Genetech and have recommended them to many colleagues.

    Kim Gwydir Managing Partner at Fastpitch Online Showcase, CEO, Director at USA Elite Training Fastpitch Online Showcase
    Kim Gwydir
  • For the past decade we have been working with the awesome team at Genetech Solutions. Their focus and professionalism is impressive as is their prompt service.

    They have always handled multiple and often complex projects to our full satisfaction and our ongoing engagement with the company is a testament of our appreciation for the management and staff at Genetech Solutions.

    Hasnain Walji Vice President - Knowledge Management MBT Group Inc
    Hasnain Walji
  • A team of dedicated, determined, committed thorough professionals. It is a joy to know and work with you . Stay blessed . SZ

    Dr. Shabih Zaidi IMI Global President Imamia Medics International
    Dr. Shabih Zaidi
  • We began working with genetech a couple of months ago. We've been very happy with the service and the quality of work. Turnaround times allow us to be very timely in our communications to our customers. Well done to the team!

    Lindsay Nicholas President & Creative Director at Lindsay Nicholas New York Lindsay Nicholas NewYork
    Lindsay Nicholas
  • I have been working with Genetech for nearly a decade. In that time, they have become one of the most important strategic partners I have ever had. I don't even call it "outsourcing" any longer as I feel like they're an extension of my company. Around the office, we refer to them as "our team." I refer my clients to them as often as I'm given the opportunity. Finding a solid development partner is difficult. Finding a group that can be your entire back office is damn near impossible. That's why I'm so grateful I found these guys. They come with my highest and strongest recommendation.

    Kasim Aslam Founder & CEO of Solutions 8 | Bestselling Author | Entrepreneur | Speaker Sol8, USA
    Kasim Aslam
  • Great work at a fair price, and was turned around quickly over the weekend. Very happy with the service!

    Kevin Gleason Survey Sampling International
    Kevin Gleason