• I have had the pleasure of working with Genetech for several years now. I would not work with any other group. The projects have been varied and have included website design (they have done multiple sites for me and are always unique and creative), app development (multiple projects) and also using their dedicated developer service. In all of these areas, I have found Genetech to be knowledgeable, on time and willing to take on projects that have been unusual and outside the norm. Genetech's people always go above and beyond and I feel they are part of my company!

    In regards to their app development, I cannot overstate their expertise and also their fearlessness to take on projects that are outside the norm and over deliver on the final product.

    I have recently taken advantage of their dedicated developer service and have been extremely happy with their response time and their the ability of the developer to think "outside the box" when needed.

    The major part for me is the communication. Initially I was concerned about the ability to communicate with an overseas programmer but with Genetech there has never been an issue. Their response time and ability to understand my needs has been beyond my expectation.

    I would work with no one else and highly recommend Genetech and have recommended them to many colleagues.

    Kim Gwydir View Project 19 Dec 2017
    testimonials_image4 2017-12-19
  • I have been working with Genetech for nearly a decade. In that time, they have become one of the most important strategic partners I have ever had. I don't even call it "outsourcing" any longer as I feel like they're an extension of my company. Around the office, we refer to them as "our team." I refer my clients to them as often as I'm given the opportunity. Finding a solid development partner is difficult. Finding a group that can be your entire back office is damn near impossible. That's why I'm so grateful I found these guys. They come with my highest and strongest recommendation.

    Kasim Aslam View Project 15 Sep 2017
    testimonials_image4 2017-09-15
  • Genetech Solutions is a company you can trust because they deliver results and they deliver exactly what they are asked for. I work with them for years now without any regret.
    Keep up the good work!

    Erjen Rjinder View Project 13 Jun 2017
    testimonials_image3 2017-06-13
  • I recently asked Genetech Solutions to work for me and develop and app for the iphone.
    I gave them a fairly limited brief but they converted that into a working app that was exactly as I had envisioned. I am extremely pleased with the design quality of the app and their ability to turn around my requests for more features in quick time.
    Along with a great Technical team, Genetech also have a fantastic team of project managers keeping the whole development on track. I will definitely be using them again for further app developments and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs an app developed.

    Austin Walter 12 Jun 2012
    testimonials_image4 2012-06-12
  • My company has worked with Genetechsolutions on many projects to date. Our first experience was in website design and we had a great experience with their group. At first my company was concerned with sending our programming overseas as we are a US company - we had heard stories of poor communication and no attention to deadlines - nothing could be farther from truth of working with Genetechsolutions. Genetech team are prompt with their responses to my questions - as I am not a programmer - I sometimes feel I ask "stupid" questions but they are always patient and answer my questions fully. In terms of deadlines, if they say it will be done - it will be done or they will communicate any issues and explain.

    After our initial website design project, my company decided to expand into apps for the iphone. I had no experience with apps and was initially nervous about the process. We were creating an app using 2 different 3rd party components and creating an app that had never been done before. The staff at genetech were awesome, they not only completed a well functioning app for a very reasonable price and in a reasonable amount of time but also created a second app at the same time that was a variation of the first. Considering the difficulty of what I had asked I was beyond pleased with the results. The programmer who worked with me always went the extra mile to ask questions and even arranged Skype type sessions to converse with me in real time instead of just by email. Genetech also gave me several test version to look at on my device and handled all uploads to the app store. Initially apple gave us some trouble and rejected our app but again Genetech went the extra mile and sent explanation to apple to get them to accept the app.

    Genetech still updates our apps and I would not consider working with anyone else.

    Kim Gwydir View Project 08 Feb 2013
    testimonials_image3 2013-02-08
  • I feel like I sometimes only let you know about the stuff that needs to be improved upon and haven't taken the time to let you know when things are going well. I've noticed the turnaround times and quality of work coming from you and the team have been right on point which has made everything on this side so much easier to manage. Thanks for all of your hard work - I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to be able to trust that when we send stuff to you it gets done and done well.

    So thanks!

    Kasim Aslam 17 Jul 2012
    testimonials_image4 2012-07-17
  • Software and IT industry have a synonymous calamity of delivering projects well beyond deadlines, which is massively liability centric.

    Arthur Lawrence is engaged with multiple IT vendors for its diverse web portfolio undergoing comprehensive coverage. We had to plan project delivery backup plans quite aggressively to avoid any client side reprehension to maintain credibility.

    But GeneTech was totally different in their approach – professional, timely and very very effective in producing better than the rest results. We have shifted most of our projects under the umbrella of GeneTech and planning to take the business relationship to shift to the next level to appointing them as our preferred vendor for software business.

    The results they produced were simply outstanding and stress-free.

    Arthur Lawrence View Project 06 May 2013
    testimonials_image4 2013-05-06
  • Top communication, top skills, top results! PERIOD!" FLAT OUT, no questions asked the most trustworthy and best web development team we have ever worked with. We believe and trust in their work, more importantly, trust in them as GREAT people so much so that we bypassed hiring in-house and we use them for all our web development needs. Trust is a major issue when outsourcing with a web development team and this team is THE BEST!

    Kenny Leonard View Project 06 May 2013
    testimonials_image4 2013-05-06