17 Years Of Genetech’s Success… Began With A Single Click

In case you’re wondering, this is not your average story. It is a tale of transformation, resilience, busy days, and long nights. It is a fascinating story of how we started with one client, a few clicks, and a few hundred lines of code. We began slowly, gathered momentum, got bigger, and climbed uphill. Guiding and helping businesses around the world towards technologically advanced solutions.

Unlike the longstanding tradition of a knock on the door,

our story begins with an email.


It all started back in the November of 2004 when Shamim Rajani received an email, asking for a website design. Well, it’s just one site, might as well design it. But this very step took her from being a mentor to becoming an exemplary entrepreneur.

The challenge was to find an affordable location to work from. Keeping in mind the Internet and utility bills, daily food expenses (chai is a whole new level), finding and paying for help to maintain the office, were just a few of the eggs to crack.

But the spirit of entrepreneurship is resilient. Shamim came up with a brilliant idea which would save a lot of time, energy and effort. Her dad’s office! It was the perfect spot. A great, well settled office space, a high-speed Internet connection, good food and unlimited supply of chai – all absolutely free! Heck, it was an office everyone would want to use! The best part? Shamim could steal part-time employees from her dad’s IT Training Programs. It was the total package!

And thus, Genetech was formed. Along with it started a tale full of epic adventures.

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2004

It was the year of learning. Nobody is fully trained when they open their eyes for the very first time. Genetech was no different. Driven by the passion of its founder, the company fueled up its energy from the little bits of success which happened every now and then. Thriving on the (thankfully) free supply of chai and coffee, we struggled, we failed, we learned, we fought, and we succeeded.

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2005

The start of the year was almost the same as the previous year. The middle of the year was better. But oh boy, what a fantastic end of the year did we have! For a fresh startup, breaking even is one of the most crucial goals. And we did it! By the end of the year, not only had we broken even, but we also started hiring. How we felt that year was pretty much how a young adult feels after landing his first well-paying job. We were ecstatic at our success but at the same time, sad at leaving our mothership (you didn’t expect her dad’s office to be the host forever now, did you?). And so we moved into our own small setup close by. Our new home…

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2006

The struggle was far from over. But things were looking up. We were bent on strengthening our core. We achieved this by acquiring new talent and incorporating new technologies. Two big achievements for the year: registering with the Software Board and becoming an ISO 9001 certified company. The year left us filled with new hopes.

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2007

Our team grew bigger and we grew stronger. From a group of just 6 people to a whopping 26! The office brimmed with the energy of our team members. Genetech formed numerous new partnerships. The quality of our work ensured lots of return customers and referrals. The word started to spread…

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2008-2010

We started to draw attention. Lots of people wanted to join in. But perhaps the most influential addition to our team was Mustafa (today, he is the other half). He left IBM, Minnesota USA and joined Genetech. Bringing with him multitudes of exciting ideas to ensure vertical growth and enhanced product development.

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2011

There was no looking back for Genetech. We started growing at a fast pace. Our team expanded to 50 people, and our client list, to 100s. Our loyal clients kept coming back. Our product development gained momentum. Hundreds of web applications and ERP solutions delivered successfully on a global scale. 

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2012-2013

It is in human nature to keep striving, keep trying, keep looking. We are no different. Genetech was successful. Now we wanted to explore more avenues. Thus, we focused our energies towards Mobile Application Development. Needless to say, we thrived on challenges.

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2014

This was a BIG year for us. We had our first commercial product. Pie Register - The most convenient way to create registration pages for your WordPress site. We understood the importance of having an efficient, fast, reliable and easy system to create registration pages. Pie Register was created keeping in mind these problems. So that anyone can have a professional registration page in a matter of minutes. Pie Register has since garnered great success in a short time.

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2015

We conquered websites. We swam through mobile apps. Now it was time to climb a new mountain. And we have set our eyes on AI Application Development. Will the path be easy? No. Would we still give it our best? Yes!

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2016

We’ve gone even farther than we would have expected in the past year, introducing BlockChain training to Pakistan and sprinting to catch up with the rest of the world, training a team to work with the software. Also, remember how we started working on AI last year? Well now we’re happy to say that we have started working on AI and ML projects as pros do, progressing faster and faster in the field of  tech as it evolves. And we’re keeping pace.

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2017

Our family grows bigger and bigger with each year, our team strength now reaching up to 60 people and still going strong! Not to mention the massive development of us opening ConsulNet as Genetech’s training incubator, allowing us to give our employees the training they need to grow in the company!

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2018

Shamim has always believed in an inclusive future and to play her part, a coding and business-skill Bootcamp with the name of CodeGirls started in 2019, which is specifically designed for women with no prior tech education, looking to break into the tech industry. This Bootcamp has been transforming around 220 lives every 4 months.

Our continuous strive towards inclusion and diversity made us hit one more milestone of winning the P@SHA ICT runner-up Award in the service category of Gender Diversity. We are now taking up new challenges, exploring new industries, testing our limits with different LMS, and have also added React and vue.js to our list of technology stacks.

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2019

Shamim has become a member of P@SHA’s Central Executive Committee. Our diversity rate has exceeded 30%, and we are doing office area expansions to fit the increasing number of staff. Genetech is brimming with high energy levels with lots of new and exciting projects, and we have finally made a comeback for SEO. We also launched our new commercial product ‘Pie Forms’ which is a fast, flexible, and 100% responsive WordPress form builder that lets you create different kinds of forms with a simple drag and drop. 

While Covid19 has affected a lot of industries, Genetech saw a significant rise in its revenue in the 2nd quarter of 2020 which shows a high level of customer loyalty. Working from home for an unidentified period without micromanagement has made the individual team members take up responsibilities to own their work and grow potentially.

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2020

Witnessing the end of quarantine, Genetech has adopted a hybrid model of working from home and working from the office. We made sure that all of our employees (and their families) were fully vaccinated and ready to come back to work.

In the office, Genetech expanded its scope with a new Content Writing and SEO department for internal web content needs and external web content services. We have also expanded our services towards cyber security networks and disaster recovery systems and completed a couple of projects in Security and Disaster Recovery. 

We also expanded our services to Denmark and Sweden and exhibited at the latest Digital Tech Summit in Denmark. Our diversity rate is at an all-time high of 36%, with 50% of leading roles being taken up by skilled women leaders. We look forward to 2022, full of energy to expand our reach and full of hope to implement better IT solutions for businesses and individuals.

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2021

Where We Are Today?

17 years is a long time, but when you are busy creating history, it flies by in the blink of an eye. What started as a one-woman show has now turned into one of a few of Pakistan’s woman-led IT companies, registered as a Corporate Member to PASHA and PSEB. Our inclusive approach towards diversity has made us win the P@SHA ICT runner-up Award in the service category of Gender Diversity and the community service project of CodeGirls Bootcamp is gaining momentum with every new batch, creating ways for women to break into the tech industry. Today we have 1000s of successful projects under our belt, 500+ happy customers all over the world, and a loyal clientele from the US, Canada, UK, France, China, Philippines, Thailand, and Switzerland. Our team now encompasses a total of 70+ passion-driven techies, and the commercial products that we have launched are making waves in the WordPress market. What makes us unique is the unrivaled cost-value across the South Asian IT market.

Genetech Solutions - Software Development Company in 2020

The Skills We Have Acquired

Our teams are adept at handling PHP, .NET, MEAN, React Native, Vue.JS, AJAX, Native, and Hybrid Mobile Applications. Our massive experience with Web applications, Site design, and development gives us an edge over others. We are the mavens of WordPress, JOOMLA, Magento, OSCommerce, Shopify, Big Commerce, Square Space, and others. Our ERP and CRM solutions are designed to make your business more profitable.

  • php
  • microsoft net
  • mean
  • apache j-meter
  • ajax
  • android
  • apple
  • laravel
  • swift
  • react
  • angular
  • sketch
  • ionic
  • java
  • kotli
  • yii
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • photoshop
  • dialogflow
  • codeigniter
  • blazemeter
  • drupal
  • AWS EC2
  • Heroku
  • Digital Ocean
  • wordpress
  • joomla
  • ecommerce
  • woocommerce
  • shopify
  • bigcommerce
  • squarespace
  • magento
  • hubspot

Genetech has managed to gain the trust of hundreds of our loyal customers in a short span of time, this was only made possible by leaving no stone unturned to serve our patrons better. For complete peace of mind, we offer dedicated resources and 24/7 customer support to tackle any issue that might arise.

In the past 17 years, we have come a long way. From capturing a corner spot in dad’s office, to our own little (well not so little) space bursting with energy and determination. We are on a flying carpet going beyond the ordinary.

Come, let's join hands and take your business to new heights.