2015: Tablets will overtake PCs. High time to go Responsive?

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According to Gartner, tablet is the new PC! With experts predicting the gradual demise of the conventional desktop computer, in terms of demand, the impact that modern advancement has made on mobile technology has triggered worldwide use of smart phones and tablets. With a wide range of choices being available for mobile devices, the future seems to hold little place for PC shipments.

Nearly 84.1 million units of tablet shipments are likely to take place in the last quarter of this year. Users will be expected to buy the most latest and updated tablets in the beginning of 2015 and annual tablet shipments are expected to overtake PC shipments next year.

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Regarded as a niche market just about 3 years ago, the tablet has attained immense popularity since the first iPad model was released in 2010. The arrival of the iPad made way for an ever expanding market that has witnessed the appearance of other market players, providing consumers a miraculous field of tablet alternatives.

Conversely, the personal computer has stagnated when it comes to progress and development. Apart from new operating systems, the traditional PC has failed to excite the users with anything new or promising. Even though, the PC is undeniably a valuable office tool, it will just be a matter of time before tablets take over them for online shopping and general use.

This is where the responsive design comes into the picture. With thousands of consumers using their tablets for buying services, going responsive is the only way any businesses can sustain its online presence. By the way things are moving towards the future, our beloved PC may just be on its way to become obsolete.

This calls for a responsive web design that fits exactly into the user’s screen-size. As more mobile traffic is observed by search engines, the need to design a web presence that is accessible by anyone and from just about anywhere will eventually be the primary goal of a business that is looking to convert online traffic.

By going responsive for your tablet users, you these benefits are guaranteed for your users and your business itself.

Exceptional User Experience

It’s all about the user experience! If your website is accessible to any visitor who is using his preferred choice of device, most likely a tablet, the responsive web design is guaranteed to provide the optimal user experience regardless of any brand or size of the tablet. The responsive web design is highly accommodating for a busy professional looking for business solutions or anyone who is looking for your kind of service provider, while sitting on his couch. As no scrolling or resizing is required for the tablet user, he fully explores the services you offer, dramatically increasing the conversion chances as he can access your website from their favorite device.

Highly Cost Effective

Sites designed exclusively for mobiles and smartphones traffic fail to offer the advance navigational techniques that exist in traditional websites. Moreover, they compel the user to enter two distinct web addresses for your website. Such inconvenience is likely to discard a large portion of users who may run off to your rival’s responsive website. Let your responsive web design boost all your SEO efforts by directing the entire traffic of your visitors to a single website, irrespective of the mobile or tablet they use.

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Final Thought:

In 2010, just a few months after the phenomenal iPad’s release, Steve Jobs forecasted that tablets will gradually overtake PC’s. Presently, as per the most current statistics from Gartner, five years of unparalleled tablet popularity while the PC sales gradually declining, the year 2015 could be the year Steve Job was referring to. Gartner forecasts a total of 320 million tablet sales next year, as compared to 316 million PC sales including desktops and laptops. To reach your entire web audience without risking your SEO campaigns, a responsive design is the key for achieving sure-shot success for your online presence.

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