Our Values

At Genetech, we believe in creating an environment where individuals thrive together. Our Core Values make us who we are and help us bring out the best of ourselves.

Our ValuesOur Values

Embracing these core values fuels our diverse and inclusive work environment, where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique talents.

Company Culture to Ensure Diversity and Inclusiveness

Genetech has always ensured that the induction and hiring process is solely based on the expertise and required skill set of the employee, regardless of gender, religion or race. We encourage a supportive and inclusive culture amongst the whole workforce, promote diversity and eliminate discrimination in the workplace.

Flexible Work Opportunities and Benefits

From flexible working hours to work from home facility in certain cases, dedicated workspace for female employees and constant mentoring, Genetech aims to provide equal opportunities and benefits to both male and female employees

We provide market competitive salaries, with special attention to the detail that no female is paid less than the male with regard to the skill set and work she is doing for the company. Our added benefits include the annual bonuses, paid leaves, marriage leaves, maternity leaves, health and life insurance policy, yearly increments based on performance reviews and much more. We also have in-house lunch daily for all the employees. There is a special Thank-You Award, a cash reward for those who are always eager to help their colleagues. This promotes inclusion and a better work environment, along with teamwork culture.

Our Diversity Ratio and Improved Induction

Our female staff ratio is currently 23.6%, with 50% of females in Managerial positions. The ratio is believed to be increased in the upcoming years with the flourishing emergence of Codegirls Bootcamp. The bootcamp’s success has made the induction for female employees in the company a breeze, as well as opened doors for other companies to promote inclusion and increase retention of women in the workforce.

Strict Harassment Watch

At Genetech Solutions, we have a very strict and zero-tolerance policy for any kind of harassment and bullying, regardless of the gender. Each and every individual is bound to abide by the rules in the code of conduct, signed at the time of joining the company. No racial, religious or gender discriminatory behavior, verbal or by action, inappropriate language, harassment or bullying is acceptable under any circumstances and strict actions are taken for any such incidents. We aim to provide a safe and secure workplace environment to all the employees, and ensure the well-being of all the workers.

TechTalks, Recreational Activities, Mentoring & More

Genetech Solutions endorse the personal and professional growth of its employees. For that, TechTalks are arranged on a regular basis, where individuals and teams share their expertise and new findings with fellow peers. Discussions and healthy debates are encouraged in a professional environment.

Monthly Staff Meeting is organized to keep everyone on the same floor with the company’s progress and plans. Everyone can voice their opinions and concerns without any intrusion.

Apart from the daily in-house lunch for all, Genetech embraces the hard work of its team members with additional treats and surprises. Team lunches are often arranged after the successful completion of projects, which boosts the morale and provides a feeling of self recognition among the employees.

When it comes to mentoring, Genetech has the best mentors on board. With our COO being a female, the women in the workforce can approach her, or any other higher authorities at all times. Be it a matter of work conflict, or a personal work-life balance issue, guidance is guaranteed. This mentoring is not limited to the females, but the males are equally encouraged to discuss and seek advice at any time, for a wholesome environment.

We believe that “Work doesn’t work without play”. For balancing work with life, recreational activities like Table Tennis Tournaments and Annual Picnics are organized for the staff with the best of facilities and resources, making sure that all the employees including the females rejoice and relish the events, in a safe and secure way.

Our team members are often invited by different universities and educational institutes as external evaluators for the Final Year Projects, and for conducting valuable sessions for the tech industry’s future assets. Genetech also has been a part of the recent Job Fairs at few reputed universities. This all adds to the personal growth of the employee, boost their confidence and develop integration amongst the associates.

We Support Diversity and Inclusion

Genetech Solutions whole heartedly favors gender diversity and equality and encourages its employees to treat everyone with dignity and respect. We spare no effort to make training, development, and progression opportunities available to all the staff members.

We make sure that the policy in this regard is monitored closely and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that equality and diversity are continually promoted in the workplace.

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