A Farewell to Dumb Homes – Hello IoT!


Living alone? Have you ever felt unsure whether you’ve accidentally left an appliance switched on when you left the house? Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if everything in your home including doors, security cameras, lights and all appliances could communicate with you over an internet app? Sounds like a scene from a science fiction movie, right? Well, not really, because 2020 is the year of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoT involves the interconnection of all things around you to the internet, building an active (two-way) relationship in between through embedded sensors (in the objects).

How convenient!

This list of “things” does not only include smart phones and computers – IoT includes doors, home appliances, locomotives and anything you can ever dream of. All you need is an internet connection and that’s it! You can control and manage the connected devices from anywhere.  According to  BI Intelligence, the number of IoT devices on Earth will be more than 24 billion by the end of 2020!

Home automation is an astonishing system that can wirelessly connect you with the smart devices in your home. It enables you to supervise, manage and protect your home from anyplace.

All you need to do is to simply push a button or give a voice command and Voila! You can control everything around you ranging from lights and thermostat to coffee machines and even the radio. There are plenty of companies providing exceptional home security services.

The following chart by Allconnect.com gives a clear comparison of numerous companies, their rates, packages and features.

Here is why you should turn your ordinary home into a smart home:

    • Keys are a hassle:
      Do you get worried about who is going to let your family in when the keys are with you and you are out? Does leaving keys under the mat give you paranoia? In a smart home, you can lock and unlock your doors  with a simple tap of a button no matter where you are!
    • Pocket friendly:
      All the appliances in your smart home can turn off automatically as soon as you leave the house. This will not only save up you money but will also cut down on the electricity consumption and help in protecting mother earth from global warming.
    • No more sweats or chills:
      A smart home lets you control the AC and heater when you are away. You can easily control the thermostat of your bedroom with your smart phone and return home to a comfortable atmosphere during hot or chilly days.
    • A security guard within your means:
      Do you literally jump out of your skin when you hear an unexpected sound coming from the other room? A smart home provides you with the best way to protect and secure your home. A home automation system instantly informs us if there is an unexpected activity or an unwanted movement.
    • Keep in touch with your family:
      Just like you use your smart phone to keep in touch with friends on Facebook, you can now use it to keep an eye on your family and pets. While you are away, you can check when your children return home from school or when your pets leave the house unpredictably.

Humanizing things will lead to our humanization too!

Presently, smart homes are uncommon  but within a couple of years the human race will enter into a supersonic era where the IoT will allow us to minimize our working hours and spend more time on being human. We will be able protect and manage our life more efficiently which in turn will save time and energy that can be used to bond with family and friends.

Feeling overwhelmed, with no idea where to start from? We have found you a perfect solution: A Beginner’s Guide to Smart Home Products. This will help make your life easier, secure and more productive.

However, The IoT is larger than life. It does not only apply to smart homes or devices but businesses can also embed sensors in their factors of production to ensure maximum efficiency.  In businesses, IoT devices can be used for:

    • Stock Management.
    • Tracking and recording consumer consumption patterns.
    • Delegating and supervising tasks from remote locations.
    • Data analysis at a faster rate.
  • Detecting malfunctions before they get catastrophic.

Is your business ready for the IoT?

Living in an era where kids, phones and homes are smarter than ever it is about time that we should have smart businesses too!

The key to success for a company is to have a reliable state-of-the-art technology to ensure a smooth business activity. If you own a business and you wish to bring a change in your business model through IoT, there is no better choice than Genetech Solutions to help you get there! The IoT market is continuously growing and we offer a range of technologies that you can choose to deploy to automate your home or business.

Let’s step into a new era together and leave the old behind!

Shoaib Bazmi

Shoaib Bazmi is a Senior Developer at Genetech Solutions with a love for technology writing.

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