Befriend disruptive technologies.

From AI driven applications and IOT to Progressive Web Apps and Cybersecurity, with a decade and a half of experience, Genetech shares expertise with leading companies.

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We’re much more than a team of techies; we are your strategic partner. Using our exceptional agile experience and a highly knowledgeable team, we do one thing only: Focus on meeting your customers’ expectations of an innovative and digital experience.

Genetech is an expert in custom software development, mobile app development, as well as offshore resource augmentation.


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We are your team, and your digital experience is what matters the most while we build each product with an agile mindset.

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Corporate SocialResponsibility

Genetech implements CSR by investing countless number of hours in volunteering efforts, as well as through spending a percentage of its annual profit on Education, Employment and Mentorship.

Genetech is an equal opportunity employer and a strong supporter of Diversity and Women Empowerment Initiatives.