Why Custom Web Designs are Better for your Business?

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A custom web design is a specifically designed model for your website. Unlike the template design, which can be too generic, a custom web design is tailored to meet the requirements of your business. You can build, create and implement your unique business strategy with your own unique web design. Using the same repetitive template design can not only limit your creativity but it also repels your users.

Here are the positive outcomes of using a custom web design:

Successful Branding
Your brand is not a single variable. The whole branding process comprises of visuals, colors, symbols and designs which can be employed in your branding campaign. A customized web design provides the designer with the opportunity to present and reinforce your brands through unique and fresh designs specifically made for your website. By employing the right web designer your web design will be constructed with all the necessary and relevant aspects which make your website search engine friendly.

For a Professional Outlook
The use of a repetitious template design may give an unprofessional impression to your business. A custom web design compels your users to trust your services and conduct business in future. Websites made out of copied templates may look good to your eyes but they fail to promise bringing any credibility to your business. By employing a custom web design you assure your potential customers that your business is original, reliable and does not steal or copy ideas from other sources. The user does not have to make extra efforts to figure out the nature and values of your business like other similar looking websites. This adds a professional approach not only to your website but also to your business.

Easy Navigation and Accessibility
A web design template can limit a user’s accessibility while browsing. A custom web design facilitates the user to easily navigate your website. They won’t abandon your website if they don’t find relevant information. Many repetitious templates leave the users with little or no option to let them freely browse the website. For an easily accessible and user friendly website, a custom web design welcomes the user to freely browse the website. Integrating payment methods, adding updated social networking tabs at a visible spots, all this would have required redoing a generous portion of the web design had a template was used.

A Long Lasting Impact
A custom web design can ensure a long lasting impact on the minds of your users . If your web design is rightly put together by a professional web designer, the impression is bound to last for many years. The user easily distinguishes your web design from other template designs. Comfortable navigation with easy accessibility options make the user want to come back to your website in the future. This guarantees more traffic and consequently more business to your website.

Using pre-built website designs can be less time consuming and less expensive but it’s not surprising to observe that they yield less remarkable outcomes. Although there are many good templates to choose from, a custom web design is built and designed from the scratch. It allows you to make full use of your business website in order to generate positive business. Your investment in a good custom web design is sure to yield positive business revenue. It allows you to present a clear cut business strategy through an effectively designed website to suit your business needs.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Genetech for several years now. I would not work with any other group. The projects have been varied and have included website design (they have done multiple sites for me and are always unique and creative), app development (multiple projects) and also using their dedicated developer service. In all of these areas, I have found Genetech to be knowledgeable, on time and willing to take on projects that have been unusual and outside the norm. Genetech's people always go above and beyond and I feel they are part of my company! In regards to their app development, I cannot overstate their expertise and also their fearlessness to take on projects that are outside the norm and over deliver on the final product. I have recently taken advantage of their dedicated developer service and have been extremely happy with their response time and their the ability of the developer to think "outside the box" when needed. The major part for me is the communication. Initially I was concerned about the ability to communicate with an overseas programmer but with Genetech there has never been an issue. Their response time and ability to understand my needs has been beyond my expectation. I would work with no one else and highly recommend Genetech and have recommended them to many colleagues.

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