From Meh to Yeah—The Small Business Digital Makeover

Welcome folks! We are back again with another exciting series, this time on digitizing small to medium businesses.

Let’s start with a burning question: Are you a small business struggling to level up? If yes, then hold on tight as we are about to help you turn your business from ‘Meh’ to ‘Yeah’ through a small business digital makeover.

The world is going digital, and small businesses are finding it difficult to keep up with the evolving business landscape. Now is the time for small businesses to embrace digital transformation to avoid getting overshadowed in the competitive market!

When it comes to the digital transformation journey, small business owners often find themselves pulled in many directions and are unsure of where to begin. Here are the three things to start from:

    1. Business Model Transformation
  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Operating Model Transformation

Business Model transformation is redesigning fundamental ways a business creates, delivers, and captures value. Or simply put, it’s about how you make money and compete within the market. 

Digital transformation is integrating technology into your business, which significantly changes how the business operates and delivers value to its clients.

Transforming your business model will require a digital transformation since the newly defined revenue streams, market approaches, and operational strategies are inherently dependent on leveraging digital approaches. Digital transformation isn’t just about adopting technology but reshaping processes and customer experience and even transforming the organizational culture (mindset) to thrive in the digital world.


Operational Transformation refers to aligning internal systems, structures, and people with strategic objectives. This includes making substantial changes to the core operating frameworks, streamlining workflows, integrating new technologies, and redefining internal roles and responsibilities.

This type of transformation is all about people and requires teams to adopt new ways of working.

LETS FACE IT: it’s impossible to take on digital or business model transformation without addressing operational transformation. In other words, you need to bring your people on board to really digitize your business.

Now, the question is, what are the CORE components that require digital transformations?

Well, to answer that, there could be many, But here are three things that stand out:

  1. Business Model
  2. Business Operations
  3. Customer Experience

Business Model

When diving into a complete digital transformation journey and devising a strategy, your business model should be the centre stage. Your processes and business model should have a similar flow, and you need to take your business operations online for a well-integrated approach.

Remember, the goal is not only to generate more money but to make sure your work gets easier and you build a better relationship with your customers!

From Meh to Yeah—The Small Business Digital Makeover

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Business Operations

Your company might be running many operations, but you have to pinpoint the areas that you need to move online. This could be a tricky task for many business owners. That’s where Genetech Solutions can lend you a hand. Our team will guide you on the most important operation that needs an instant transformation and how we can implement them for you!

Customer Experience

A good customer experience is the secret sauce behind the success of every business. You need to focus on your sales strategy and customer service for the best digital transformation strategy. Always keep your customer experience in mind before devising your strategy!

Wrapping up

Digital transformation is not just a trend; it’s a lifestyle for small businesses. Now the question remains: Are you adapting or just surviving? Small business success lies in blending your model, operations, and customer delight. As you think about the next move, remember that “fortune favours the bold.” Embrace change, sync your plans, and see how your business changes. 

Want to take your first step towards digital transformation? Let us help you through the process. Get in touch today for a free consultation!

Stay tuned for more insightful posts on digital transformation for business growth!

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