Good Replacements for Google Reader

good replacements for google reader

Surprise! Google Reader will no longer be alive after July 1st 2013. This news falls like a rock on those who religiously follow their favorite blogs to keep themselves updated with latest happenings. This news completely saddened many and left them with no other choice. But Wait!
If you’re one of them who doesn’t give up on reading habit so easily, then you can try some of the many substitutes that are trying their best to replace Google Reader. After the death of Google Reader many e-readers came into the lime light. Some of the best are listed below:


feedly logo

Feedly is a fine alternative to Google Reader. It’s a smart way to share and read content from your favorite sites. It is a news aggregator that lets you catch up with the latest happenings in town or worldwide. The best thing about Feedly is its platform compatibility. It covers almost all the big browsers like iOS, Firefox, Chrome, Safari delivering continuous feeds to you. It has fine layouts and lets you customize content. So, whether you are enjoying your morning coffee or lying in bed, you can read in your very own way and as long as you want.


newsblur logo

Newsblur is suggested by many avid readers as it brings people closer and lets them discuss and share about worldly affairs, technology news, social articles and other different stories on a variety of subjects. It’s not at all time consuming and lets you read feeds in minutes. Its beautiful and sleek design has turned out to be a major reason for such enormous traffic hit in recent days.


netvibes logo

NetVibes is one of the best places to go and get everything after Google Reader. Its dashboard acts on real time, gets updated quickly without any hassles. NetVibes hundreds of modules lets you to pin a note, email, feeds, and photos through its widget. Its real time monitoring, sharing and tagging has made news feeding way simpler.


pulse logo

Pulse has made news reading fun and more engaging. It brings information from different blogs, magazines and social media. Pulse makes stories appear in a tile format. To read the full story, you need to click on the image that appears on the tile.


flipboard logo

Flipboard is actually like a digital magazine and gives the best visual appearance. You swipe it from left to right like magazine pages to jump to the other story. Its visual appearance makes it quite appealing and more likeable by people who look for gorgeous visual layouts.


skimr logo

Skimr is said to be a mini alternative to Google Reader. Skimr up till now, is not getting as much traffic as compared to Feedly but that doesn’t mean it covers smaller range of topics. It’s bubbling with latest news and gossip. The plus point of Skimr is it’s FREE! Setup your account and start playing with Skimr.

After the removal of the much loved Google Reader, these readers will certainly help you in getting multiple news feed within no time.

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