Tell Stories with Data Using Powerful Pinterest Tools

tell stories with data using powerful pinterest tools

Pinterest is not just limited to image sharing. Effective use of Pinterest can benefit your business expand and could lead it towards success. It also helps you in engaging with the community fellows through “Repins”. But here the question arises How to use it efficiently? There are numerous Pinterest tools available in the Market which has eased the process of sharing and some might be out by the end of this month or week. Who knows! So, I’ve categorized all these tools so that you can use depending on your business need.

The Five Categories that I’ve summed up so far are:

For General Use:

Simple book marklets fall into this category. The simpler it is, the easier it will be.

Pin It
It is the official Pinterest book marklet. Saw something exciting, want to Share? Click on the bookmark button and it’s done! Nothing could be simpler than this.

pin it button

Pin a Quote
Read a quote somewhere, Liked it? Click on “Pin a Quote” and share wise thoughts. This tool makes it easy for text to be pinnable.

pin a quote

Need to Zoom:

Some of the tools have been developed to view large, full version of detailed images. These tools eliminate the need of clicking to open the image in new window.

It is a Chrome extension that allows you to expand images and view large on a single mouse hover.


Pinterest Pro
It is a Google extension that allows you to zoom images on mouse hover. It also incorporates a “Pin it” feature and shows a list of latest trending pins that can be seen through a drop-down menu.

pinterest pro

Screen Capture:

Adding more than just text? Following tools are very helpful.

Pinstamatic is the best way through which you can setup a personalize pinboard. It’s amazing as it does not let you share pictures but also your favorite music, Clickable map or your company and thought provoking quotations.


Take a screen shot of your website and Pin it by entering the URL. Snapito automatically takes the snapshot and turns it into a useful Pin. Also, it lets you select either “Pin to Pinterest” or “Pin Full Page”.


Related Image Search:

Adding more to pinning pleasure, there are tools which allow you to search for related images on Google that you viewed on Pinterest.

Pin Search
Pin Search perform image search on Google to find a related image for any picture on Pinterest. By using this tool, you get the power to discover similar images or the information of all the websites where the picture is displayed.

pin search

Analytics and Metrics:

To analyze how well your pinned site is going, how many viewers are liking it, certain analytics tools are very helpful.

PinPuff measures the popularity, influence and visitors reach on your PinBoard. It also decides monetary value of your pins & traffic your pins generate.


Reachli is a smart tool that generates traffic reports, calculates how much traffic your pins are getting and do analysis comprehensively.


These are some of the powerful tools that are simple to use and works like magic. It’s a huge opportunity for websites to self-promote themselves.

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