Grab Users through Inspirational 3D Illustration

inspirational 3D illustration

How and when is 3D illustration used?

3D illustrations have gained popularity with phenomenal speed, in print, on television, movies and ad campaigns… and on the internet.

3D illustration is now a common site on websites, online ads and animations. 3D illustrations work so well because they aid imagination. Now instead of just an idea, the 3D content supplies the user with a much more realistic picture. Its new, it’s thrilling, and it’s what’s hot right now.

3D is being used in all sorts of ways. From scaling a sea to find Nemo, to selling toothpaste with the tube popping out of the board. Some sites use interactive 3D integration like a live walk-through through a home for a property retail site, and a ‘test-drive’ for a cars site, to woo their clients.

How to tap into this miracle? Learn the secrets to making effective 3D illustrations. Where? Keep reading…

Looking at 3D illustrations, what’s the biggest advantage they have over normal images? They’re alive, magical, and vivid, in a way normal images can never be. The best and most successful work in 3D is the one that has a concept at its core, which tells a story.

Now taking on a complete illustration is a big job, and not an easy one for a beginner, but learning to create an artwork on your own is an invaluable skill, and there are a few ways to make that task easier.

  • Know where you’re coming from: Now when you’ve decided on a scene, start researching. Look up everything that you think is relevant and save everything that inspires you. Go through themes, relevant time periods, and good color combinations… everything. This should be the first thing you do.
  • Layout your layout: Now work on how you’re going to set up your environment. All your basic, big elements need to be placed and positioned. Basically you should start having a rough idea what your end result should look like.
  • Where’s the light? Now think about your light source, where it is, and its intensity. Experiment with a few different ideas, and take your time on this one, as a well-placed light source can make all the difference. Light can be used to bring key element into attention and to create a sense of drama. Think about what you want in the shadows and what brightly illuminated.
  • The textures: Now add you textures to the feel, and see how they interact with your light. Change what you don’t like. This is a pretty simple trial and error equation.

That pretty much the basics for good illustration work… one last thing, focus most of you time and detail on you characters, and less on your scene, as most viewers will enjoy your characters more. Happy illustrating!

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