Pie Register- A WordPress Registration Plugin

Pie Register - WordPress Registration Plugin

When it comes to plugins, WordPress has a massive selection. With plugins ranging from spam detection to membership selectivity, a lot of names tend to get lost in the crowd.

Among these categories of plugins are registration plugins such as user registration, ultimate member and profile builder but the one that we’ll be talking about is none other than Pie Register.

According to their website PR is a “WordPress Registration Plugin to customize website registration forms with a drag & drop interface. It requires no coding to set up.”

So I suppose you could say that integrating it into your web page would be… as easy as pie.

Pie Register comes with features and addons galore, a few although limited to the premium version of the plugin, that will make sure to account for all of your website’s needs and more.

WordPress Registration Plugin Features include:

  • Unlimited registration forms
  • Content restriction capabilities
  • Conditional logic
  • Verify and moderate registrations
  • Invitation codes for invitation-only sites
  • Role-based redirection
  • Twilio for 2-step authentication over SMS/text messaging
  • PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net for payment processing
  • IP blacklisting
  • MailChimp integration to send communication, sales, and marketing emails

A few of these features include a drag-and-drop form builder that will make it much easier to create forms as otherwise you will have had to have some knowledge of coding to get the desired product.Drag-and-Drop form builderAnother is the content restriction feature, certain content on your website may not be for everyone, depending on their age, registration level of preferences.

This feature makes sure that the user never views content that isn’t suitable for them depending on the role assigned to them after registration.

Whether this feature is used to separate paying and non-paying members or create certain age restrictions is up to you.Content Restriction

The Pie Register addons are no less important, they provide you with extra features that make your website more secure and/or easier to access and navigate.

Take for example the social login addon, the addon allows the users to use their credentials from popular social media apps (such as such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google) to login to the website.

This addon, in particular, is quite popular these days due to the want for some sort of universal login as people don’t see the appeal in wanting to remember all their credentials, plus applications that store passwords and credentials tend to be a bit annoying and also, at times, unsafe for your information.

When it comes to payments, the plugin uses PayPal as it has proved to be a reliable and popular source of money transfer, but it is no secret that there are places where services such as PayPal are not readily available.

This can not only create a problem for you if you live in such an area but also for the users who live in these areas as that means you are losing a large chunk of potential customers.

Pie Register provides addons for Authorize.Net and Stripe to counter this problem, so now if PayPal isn’t a viable option then we have you covered with these two alternatives.Payment Methods - PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.net

All in all Pie Register is a WordPress Registration Plugin, but it distinguishes itself from the crowd as the creators of this plugin have taken into consideration what is best for the customer and have supplied it to them.

The plugin is easy to manage, free and very useful, covering all the bases. So if you are looking for the right WordPress Registration Plugin, I say you need look no farther than Pie Register.

Download Plugin FREE version from here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/pie-register/

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