7 Unproductive Myths About Productivity

For anyone working in an office environment, the internet is bursting at the seams with advice about productivity with the right use of your time. After all, the hallmark of a good employee is their ability to get as much work done as possible. Not all the advice you see online is necessarily correct though; let’s take a look at some commonly found myths about productivity, and see what is really going on behind the scenes.

Multitasking is great!

Actually, working on a single task within a given time sharpens your focus and ensures thoroughness, thereby enhancing end quality. While multitasking may leave you feeling more accomplished in the short run, you will have to spend time reworking and revisiting the same tasks in the future, leading to inefficiency and a lag in productivity.

Longer hours equals more work

Superficially, having more time is always a blessing to complete a task, but we are ignoring the limitations of our mind and our body. Working longer hours without a break tires us out, which causes us to prolong tasks. To break yourself out of this vicious cycle, set more realistic and feasible timelines and work with them.

Daydreaming is for the weak

Taking regular and timed breaks can help rejuvenate tiredness and restore focus on the task at hand. It also gives you the opportunity to assess your progress and reorient your goals accordingly.

Meetings achieve more

Time spent in meetings is good because you can consult and get the team aligned. Time spent in meetings is bad if there is no clear agenda in place. In these situations, meetings encroach upon the available time for your work.

Make yourself available round the clock

The more you are willing to go beyond the call of duty, the more it will be expected of you. Learn to say no in a polite but firm manner so that you can focus on your own tasks without getting distracted. This includes holding out on the urge to respond to emails instantaneously!

Get organized to get productive

Having a clean workspace is undoubtedly good for stress relief, but what is more important is to have everything you need within ready access. If you spend more time stressing over your organization, you’re delaying getting to the actual task at hand.

There’s no need to quantify your productivity

Contrary to norms, it’s a good practice to pay attention to where and how your time is being utilized. This helps you eliminate wastage and become more efficient. Time is money, after all.



To put things summarily, the best way to become more productive is to understand the value of your time and work with those limitations. You will not only end up achieving more, you will also feel relaxed mentally and physically while doing it.

Shamim Rajani

Shamim Rajani

Shamim Rajani is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Genetech Solutions, a one stop shop for all web services specializing in Web Development, Customized Web Applications, Social Media Marketing and other IT related services. Follow her on twitter @ShamimRajani & Linkedin.

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