Upcoming 2014 features in the new Android Phone

Android L

As popular as they are, android phones have captured the market with a storm. Millions of android devices are being used in more or less 190 countries worldwide. In September 2013, Android 4.4 KitKat was introduced to android users and during its I/O 2014 developer conference; Google shared interesting details about the upcoming Android L.
Let’s take a look at some of the features that will make the new Android phones extremely functional and exciting for mobile users worldwide.

Improved Notifications


Now new android phones will give users control over where notifications will appear and how they will sync to non-handheld devices. They will make sure you receive instant and evident notifications on the lock screen. Users will be able to easily swipe or tap them to open while also prioritizing them.

An Innovative lock screen    

Another major element of the new Android L is an innovative lock-screen that will display your notifications. Users will have to swipe up to unlock in case they don’t have a lock pattern or any other unlock scheme. What’s more? For launching the dialer, you can swipe right or left to initiate the camera.

Unmatched multi-tasking


Gone are the days of 2D list of open apps! Android L brings an innovation with its Google Now card style listing. The user will experience a gallery of apps which can be viewed or hidden as per your need. Showing each active tab on a separate card, Android L makes chrome an amazing experience for the developer.

Updated Notification bar

 Unlike before, Android L notification bar has a new layout and color scheme. However, just like the old version, access is granted with a swipe on the top of the screen. Added features include screen brightness control and a new ‘cast screen’ icon activated just at the click of a button on the same screen.

 Highly secured personal locking feature

Google believes that Android and its users require security above all features. This new feature will allow users to unlock their android phones when physically in range with another unlocking android device such as an Android Wear smart-watch.

More power with the saver mode

Longer battery life is a must and that is exactly what Android L brings with its new battery saving mode. Known as Project Volta, this will allow quick identification for developers to identify how their apps are consuming the battery so they can make further improvements. According to Google, the new battery saving mode will provide additional 90 minutes of power to Nexus 5 users. The settings allow users to view more details about the power consumption as compared to previous versions.


With thousands of android apps developed for catering mobile user of all ages, users are always on the look-out for more features to be implemented in the new android phones so their mobile experiences are friendlier and exciting than ever before. With the new Android L, the future looks promising for both android apps developers and mobile users, globally.

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