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The latest mobile devices and operating systems have brought a significant change in the world of mobile game app development. Both, Android and iOS have greatly challenged the abilities of app developers to show their talent through cross-platform mobile game development. As every development tool has its different programming language, therefore, cross platform app development has made it easy to increase accessibility to all the users of Android and iOS. Here are some of the major cross-platform app development tools that are useful in creating cutting-edge quality apps deployable on several different platforms.

Corona SDK
Through Corona SDK, app developers can create high-speed and high-quality gaming apps, to engage both the users of the Android and iOS operating systems. More than 150,000 developers are known for using it. Offering a single code that makes the process easy to launch your app on different mobile platforms, it also lets you create exceptional gaming apps. The basic (trial version) of Corona SDK is available for free, which helps new developers to learn and create a successful app.

Corona SDK

Unity 3D
Unity 3D allows the app to be available on multiple mobile platforms. It has been admired for developing 2D and 3D action games and developers can reach large number of users by utilizing this useful visual tool. Games developed with the help of this tool are launched on web app-stores as well as on several gaming consoles. The Unity 3D Pro is available for $750 while its basic version is free.

unity 3d

Live Code
Live Code has a very simple coding language and even a non-programmer can develop his own app by using codes in simple English. It has a great compatibility with Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Linux. Live Code also provides a free programming course to teach the coding language through which anyone can learn to code his own app. Its community edition can be downloaded free while its enterprise edition is priced $500.

Live Code Logo

Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine is especially designed to enable users to access the Unreal Development Kit such as Unreal Engine 4, C++ Source Code and provides support to all devices and operating systems. It supports Android, iOS and other mobile platforms and powers 3D and next generation gaming. It has great compatibility with high-end PC’s, gaming consoles, different operating systems and the web.

unreal engine

It is one of the most popular tools to develop cross platform, C++ games. Marmalade supports to build codes and platform specific features for several different operating systems. It helps in using Xcode or Visual Studio for creating an integrated project file for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and other platforms. It also comes in handy to develop not just cross-platform gaming apps but other native apps as well.


Advantages of Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Huge Exposure
Cross platform app development facilitates you to reach a huge chunk of Android and iOS users. Since the inception of smart-phones, both Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) are making their way to attain the top position. While it has been proved that most of the smart-phone users spend their time using gaming apps, it is important to develop an app, which can run on both OS, through which you can unlock great marketing potential of your app.

Multiple Platforms: One Solution
Cross platform app development, revolutionizes developers to maintain all updates with one team. Whenever there is a need to change any feature, they are not required to go through long processes of executing several changes for each platform. They can easily manage and make changes with the help of powerful tools such as Unity 3D and Unreal Engine etc.

Cost Effective and Oozes Enormous Marketing Potential
If you develop your app to be available on several platforms, you are sure to attract a huge number of users for your app. This ultimately means that your marketing process becomes easy. Such development also reduces the cost of your development project.

Uniform Design with New Technology
By means of a single code for multiple platforms, you can maintain and manage your uniquely designed app on all the platforms. All these cross platform tools allow you to use the latest technology to create successful gaming apps.

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