Web Design Trends to watch out for in 2015

Web Design Trends 2015

Each year, web design continues to grow on so many levels. While a lot of fascinating elements are being incorporated into the web design realm, we can certainly hope for some of the best design trends to be initiated by web designers all over the globe. These innovative web fronts will not only impress an average user, but are guaranteed to trigger more sales, deriving maximum revenues for all big and small businesses alike.

Here are some of the web design trends which are likely to be followed in the year 2015.

Material design

What is material design? It is the new visual design language for android devices; introduced by Google at the 2014 I/O Conference last year. Already being gripped by the web design community, the language is incredible as it systematically deals with a multitude of web design concerns. It was welcomed by the web design industry as it is inspiring to view such an enormous giant to make a public announcement about its design direction.

Everyone can make use of the free and easily accessible online documentation that offers valuable insight into the diverse components of material Design is and the manner in which it functions. Moreover, it also provides a large number of design lessons for anyone who is keen to learn. Everything from placement or button size to animations, material design consists of explicit interaction design across diverse set of devices can be found. Web designers are enthusiastic to create stunning layouts, scrolling effects along with remarkable interaction designs, thanks to material design.

Responsive is here to stay, for Good

Undeniably, going responsive will be nothing but simply a survival instinct for all web designs. Latest studies reveal that the last year witnessed an increase by 67% in the internet usage with 28.5% users accessing websites by means of their smart phones. 6.8% people have been found to use the internet through tablets. These figures make up an estimated 35.3% of internet usage through mobile devices. If you had any doubts about the success rate of responsive web designs, 2015 has arrived to change your perception, for good.

Mobile Web Usage Growing

Go for SVG

Scalable Vector Graphics or more affectionately known as SVG is perhaps the greatest format for responsive web design by fitting material and flat design. It can also be manipulated with JavaScript or CSS for producing breathtaking animations. It helps the web designers to worry less about a wide range of screen resolutions and they tend to focus more on the design element.

Scrolling, all the Way!

Since the advent of mobile internet usage, users continue to enjoy never-ending scrolling web fronts. This year is likely to witness scrolling with animations, effects and interactions for giving the users an excellent UX web design, transforming the content of an online presence in the form of an interactive story.

Research has confirmed that a major percentage of people go through an entire website simply by scrolling their way down to the bottom, successfully absorbing all information. Just another reason for web designers to include more scrolling and less clicking into a web design.

Turn heads with Typography

An under-rated web design element, web typography is more than fonts and styles. In reality, it’s an art to manipulate and create whitespace or typefaces for enhancing readability. In addition to the current resources and components including Ghost buttons, lettering, big headlines, icon fonts, button size and text animation, etc. this year is likely to observe a blend of past and present typography trends to create a new picture for web design and provide more flexibility to the web design community.

Web Design for the Wearable Technology

With iPhone 6 creating ripples and Apple Watch aiming to change our lifestyles for good, it is likely to affect how businesses will create their online presence. It is safe to assume that the swift adoption of wearable gadgets can be catalysts to compel web designers create the unthinkable. This year, designers will require shifting their focus from conventional design intended for web pages to actually cater to wearables as well. Let’s see how the web design industry rise to this occasion.

Mobile Web Usage Growing

Final Thought:

This year we can expect a lot of exciting and refreshing trends to emerge in the web design arena. As Genetech Solutions has successfully implemented the most SEO and user friendly web design trends to convert users in the past, we will continue to move forward in the right direction. We aim to provide your business with the right projection to get your web site redesigned or to be built from scratch, including all components of material and interaction design for optimizing your web pages, even more!

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