What is Padzee?


Have you ever been inspired by the flowers blooming, birds chirping, or just a warm sunny day and wished to put those images on paper? Ever heard a thought so profound that you absolutely had to take it down? Or found yourself in the middle of an inspiration, a musing that you absolutely had to jot down? An epiphany! And no pen or paper?!

If you answered yes to all these questions, keep reading. If you are a working professional with no idle time on your hands to think of creative musings and answered no to the above questions, hold up!

Are you still sharing notes via Email? Do you find yourself constantly struggling with mounts of paper work or scraps of paper with carefully jotted notes, cluttering your desk? If so, this article is for you.

Padzee brings you a solution!
What is Padzee you ask? Padzee – a product by Bit14, is the answer to all your note taking and note sharing problems.Padzee serves as an online clipboard which enables you to take notes on the go. All you need is a functioning internet connection and a working browser. Moreover, it is accessible and open to all, hence facilitating users to work on the same pad and share notes without hassle.

Why Padzee?
No Logins
What makes Padzee especially convenient is that unlike most notetaking apps it requires no login. Simply enter http://www.padzee.com/ and start making notes instantly. All you need to do is give your pad a name, write, save, and you are good to go.

Easy Sharing
To share your notes on Padzee simply:

  • Copy URL: Just copy paste the link/URL to your pad and share it with whoever you like
  • Social Media: you can make your notes easily accessible to peers and colleague by simply clicking the share button. This feature will allow you to share your pad on forums such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn and via email.

If anyone can access it, how do you ensure your notes are secure? Just lock your pad and set it to private – this will guarantee that no one can read or edit your notes.

Supports Multiple Language
With Padzee you can store your notes in different languages. Simply select your preferred RTL (Right to Left) or LTR (Left to Right) support and type away.

User Friendly
Padzee is not only readily accessible, it is also free and easy to navigate through. The app provides you with tooltips for every icon assisting you every step of the way. Time and date is also updated each time on your pad allowing you to track all edits, updates, and changes.

The fact that it requires no log ins and is completely free saves you both time and trouble.

Share to Padzee
You may find yourself looking to note down material from what you are reading online. Padzee makes this process exceedingly simple. Just install the Padzee android app from the app store and it will cater to your needs. All you need to do then is highlight the content you wish to note and select Padzee – you will find your selected lines automatically copied on the pad.

Why should you care?
Taking notes has never been easier! Given the fact that Padzee requires no log-ins, is free, and allows for sharing within seconds, Padzee is definitely the answer to efficient and hassle free note taking and sharing. It’s your own personal online pad which is always available and can be used on the go!

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