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Your business mobile app is a branding tool that is developed for strengthening your relationship with existing and prospective clients. It updates them with your services and increases customer loyalty. Apart from a strong web presence, mobile apps allow you to reach out to your customers providing them with more interactive opportunities. However, the right platform for your business app must be chosen carefully, keeping in mind what will work out for your users and your business.

Let’s see what you should consider before opting for an iphone or an android application for your business.

1. Choose what your Customers Use

Your visitor stats can play a major role in deciding the platform for your application. If a major part of your traffic is from iOS users, then the decision is simple. However, if majority of your users are android friendly then you’ll have to develop an app which covers the maximum percentage of your customers.


android devicesa) Which is the more dominating device in the industry?
Researches from Gartner reveal that in 2013, 79% of all smartphones purchased were Android based. Androids are available to just about anyone. Choosing Android as your platform surely means that you can reach thousands of more users.

b) Which is more affordable?

Apple is always in charge of the hardware and software meaning all your screen and graphic resolution related issues are already taken care of. But, if your targeted regions and customers are not tech savvy, an iphone would probably be too much to ask for. Take a closer look at your users’ preferred devices before deciding which platform will suit their pocket.

affordable prices of android

2. Is your platform prone to Malware?
Google’s denial to acknowledge that Android has a malware problem is not appreciated by technological experts who are still doubtful about Android’s security issues. Studies reveal that one in five android applications seem to have major security loopholes, in stark comparison to iphone apps which are carefully inspected for any flaws.

a) Why Android is less secure?

Android is open source which is a good thing. On the other hand, it also means that you are developing an app for a device which could be at risk of malware attacks. Android burdens the users with unwanted security issues and this can turn out to be harmful for you business app in the long run.

b) Why iphones are more secure?

On the other hand, Apple is closed source. The iphone holds a much greater authority over its applications which are meticulously tested against such security flaws making mobile computing much safer.

security issues

3. Slow and Steady or Jack be Nimble
For today’s fast-paced businesses, time is money. Developing an app for the Android platform means you can easily add or update your app without any time lag. On the other hand, Apple has legendary records of approvals and delay.
easy upload

a) Which gives your app instant recognition?

By reducing the iteration time, your app gets updated quickly and is accessible to your users in a matter of hours. The absence of a QA cycle promotes a swift deployment on the users’ end.

app store review

b) Which makes you wait in the queue?

The iphone app approval cycle can take from 7-10 days. Your app is untouched for this time period after which it is either accepted or rejected. This means risking your investment and time which can be harmful for your business.

Currently, businesses are relying on their mobile apps to engage customers, making them come back for their products and services. These apps not only retain old customers but build new clients for them. We have listed some aspects of both the devices. Choose wisely the right platform for your business app.

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