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Every web developer is looking for the perfect set of web development tools to speed up his projects. In this context, open source tools are immensely popular within the development community. They have become beneficial to the point where some of them are more popular than their closed source counterparts.

Here are the top 10 open source tools that are used by web developers worldwide to make successful web applications.


Bootstrap is undeniably the most popular web design framework widely used by developers. It helps in creating stunning responsive websites when used in collaboration with jQuery. It gives a boost to the development process and employs the mobile-first approach to compile codes to pure CSS.



“A framework for creating ambitious Web applications!” This is what Ember proclaims to be and that’s exactly what it is. It is a well-liked tool for helping developers to build scalable web applications. The more you make use of the Ember.js library, the more interactive your application will be – A miraculous addition to the JavaScript frameworks for web development.


open shiftOpenShift

Web developers have used OpenShift to create, test, deploy and handle applications in cloud. OpenShift integrates Git and Jenkins, providing Apache and Jboss servers and supporting languages including Node.js, Python , Java, Perl, PHP and Ruby. It has been an ideal platform for web developers as it allows them to fully focus on their application along with their customers and not on infrastructure and operations.



The tool NVU makes a developer’s life much easier by using its WYSIWYG editor for building a website. Because of its rich set of features, it is being called as an alternative to authoring tools like Adobe Dreamweaver. Useful for saving both money and time.


code mirrorCodeMirror

This immensely popular browser based text editor lets a web developer embed a code editor in his website. CodeMirror is a cross platform tool and especially helps in making a website for delivering programming tutorials. It works well on both desktop and mobile browsers.



One of those web development tools which provide immaculate functionality for free. Notepad++ continues to be updated regularly adding more to its impressive features. It offers syntax coloring and formatting for a broad range of languages. Built-in utilities make you get rid of blank lines from text files and tidies the HTML code.



With easy installation and all features turned on by default, XAMPP saves a lot of time for today’s web developer. It works well on all platforms that is on Linux, Mac and Windows. Web development using XAMPP is suitable for beginners in particular and that’s why it was one of the most popular open source web development tools in 2013.



Want a free alternative for Adobe Photoshop? GIMP is just what you’re looking for. Although, it lacks several features of the famous Photoshop, it is still a reliable open source graphics application for web developers. It can be beneficial as a basic paint program, a high standard photo retouching software or an image format converter, etc. Its functionalities can be enhanced even further with the help of plugins.


zurb foundationZURB Foundation

ZURB Foundation is GitHub’s most well known project. Self-proclaimed as “The most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.” It makes a web developer’s life easier by swiftly creating sites that automatically adjust according to the type of device being used for access.



FileZilla is a quick and secure FTP client. It has handy features such as bookmarking, drag & drop, remote file search and other useful options. FileZilla is probably the best open source FTP application for free.

The evolution in web designing has made web development to become much more personal, as per the requirements and needs of different customers. The main idea behind open source tools is to facilitate the web development fraternity and especially those developers who are working on a strict budget. This is why these tools are immensely popular among web developers of all regions.

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