creative ideas can get you more clientele

Do you recall a time when you were in the middle of a project and while discussing it with your client, you are short of creative ideas? Ahh! this is the time when your ideas have to be creative and innovative. Don’t let your customer go. Think of a creative idea.

Innovative ideas play a huge part in the growth of any business. Such ideas must be practical. Something which is unique and achievable at the same time to grow your customers’ businesses. Moreover, accomplishing the rewards attached to your idea is equally important. It’s pretty obvious “why?” but the reputation of your idea depends on it. People will definitely share your idea once they get to know about its success. In this way, you’re making new customers as we all know that there is no better advertising than word of mouth.

Similarly, you can also try these tested ideas to attract more clients towards your own business.

Through Cold Calling
Cold calling involves calling your potential customers who aren’t really expecting a pitch. These contacts can be selected by reviewing your prospective target market and contacting them offering your services. Prior research must be done before initiating the cold calling process so as to contact only those consumers who are apt to respond to your calls. Recently, cold calling has been one of the most effective ideas to approach potential customers.

cold calling

Social Networking
A business simply cannot excel without using social networking in today’s cut-throat competition. Your social networks can help you to build, sustain and grow your business relations. The instantaneous feedback that you receive from your social contacts make sure that you keep on doing what’s working for you and avoid those business practices which can harm your business.

Get your own Personalized Business App
Speaking of social networking, Facebook has massive business potential as it has gained immense popularity in the past few years. By creating your Facebook business app you are not only directing your Facebook traffic to your web front but also provide your users useful product and contact information which will definitely trigger conversions.

Effective Online Marketing Campaign
Online Marketing Campaigns are different from conventional brand campaigns. What SEO can do for your business in this regard is that it can create organic links leading to your web presence to ensure you have more visitors increasing your chances of converting more users. Expert SEO services ensure you rank high on the SERPs which guarantees more visits and more conversions.

Offline and Online Events
To grow your business community, many businesses organize or sponsor offline events which may or may not be related to their business. By doing so, they can attract a different kind of target market who may be in need of your services without realizing it themselves. Meaning, they were unconsciously looking for services like yours but had not heard about you before. Similarly, online events can be in the form of contests, tag & share, fan of the week and other such events to gain more users which may later convert into your users.

An Out of the Box Idea
Today, the availability of new technologies successfully enables you with powerful options to conceptualize and build upon your idea. Sometimes, all it takes to expand your clientele is just an idea which will take off your business to unbelievable heights of success.


Let’s take the popular case study of Zipdial for example. Everyone has heard about “ZipDial” which is a marketing platform for mobile marketing and is popular amongst all major global brands. ZipDial introduced the Missed Call phenomena in India. It was a great concept and idea which was given practical implementation. How did it start and what was behind it? Amiya Pathak, the genius behind ZipDial invented a prototype at the time when the season of the Indian Premier League for cricket was going on in 2010.

Spectacularly, after a couple of months, thousands of users were ZipDialing million times a day. It was a brilliant idea to test their product to acquire an unlimited number of users who would simply give a missed call to know the score of any game. As the figure rose to 4 million subscribers, the company proved that a creative idea can be the first step to emerge into the limelight.

How to get ideas?
According to Seth Godin, “Big ideas are little ideas that no-one killed too soon.” After you have thought of a creative idea, start implementing it to see what it gives you in return. Thanks to competition, everyone is pushing the limits of possibilities to get that one idea which will do wonders for both their own business and their respective clients.

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