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future of web design

As new technologies and web designing updates are constantly emerging, today’s designers may have many resources but their work is more challenging than ever before. The designer’s expertise has to be one step ahead of their fellow designers. When we take a look at the web designs of famous websites in the past, we are surprised to see how simple their web pages looked and how fantastically they have transformed now and this web development process will keep evolving in future for web designers all over the globe.

An interesting fact about Google’s first official website design in 1998 is that the original Google interface was very simple as the founding members were not well versed with HTML and only wanted a quick way to create their web design. The basic design for Google didn’t change much but the services and web capacities the website offered, made it a lot more than just a search engine. The user friendly interface allows the users to easily select their method of search. The website offers to display the information in your native language. Google Doodles is another feature which users look up to each day as Google celebrates historical moments, holidays and events by giving a new look to their logo.

old and new google

Only recently, the website has changed its logo and the google applications are displayed on the top right corner as an Apps Grid decluttering the website and giving it a clean and fresh look. Thanks to its user friendly UI and precise instructions, Google is the most popular search engine website on the internet. The future looks promising for Google as they are quick to adapt to technological trends and updated user friendly UI.

The year was 1995 when Yahoo’s website was publicized as the first online navigational tool on the internet. Yahoo’s first website design consisted of simple features and a simple search bar. The site also contained hyperlinks to other websites. Later, Yahoo established the concept of a homepage and now their web design is fully loaded with text and pictures along with videos, weather and sports update. A comprehensive website instead of a one page search engine, yahoo has come a long way in terms of their web design development and is continuously working to add more features and options in the future.

old and new yahoo

On its launch in 2004, the website’s first web design was limited as the service was only restricted to Harvard Students. Eventually the membership authorization began to grow and currently in 2013, the platform is available for anyone above the age of 13. Since then Facebook has regularly updated its navigational and networking options to make the website an extremely user friendly experience. The web design is exactly how a social networking website should look like. From navigational icons to the News Feed Stream, every option is visible and accessible. It has also launched its application that can run on all types of platforms including Iphone, Ipads and Android devices. The main reason for the majorly redesigned website according to Zuckerberg was that he wanted the website to appear like a newspaper. However if you want to view information about your friends only you can switch to the “All Friends” option on the new Facebook News Feed. With pleasant color tones and an extremely user friendly interface the website has come a long way to transform from its first homepage to a massive social networking platform.

old and new facebook

Foreseeing the Future of Web Design Industry
Although the complete portable Web has not fully arrived yet, but web designers will eventually have to develop designs which can be viewed in any environment and on any device as the future of web designing is completely unpredictable. In order to understand what elements to include in their web designs to re invent the present design building concepts as well as to create responsive web designs for the future, the present shape of our web design patterns and website images is expected to be changed completely in future as nobody can predict endless possibilities in the field of web design.

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