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It was not until after I graduated I realized that ‘quit playing games with my heart’ by Backstreet Boys was my official background score for job interviews. To me, Interview for job felt more like attending a desi wedding! Meaning: Dressing up to kill and getting caught by a match-maker aunty; who asks one-on-one, bookish questions to judge your IQ and capabilities. Oh my, how I questioned my existence after each encounter… Sigh! Since the first interview, I was caught in the vicious cycle of getting dressed, faking a smile and answering bookish questions to prove my level of literacy and passion. Finding a job was becoming demotivating and bizarre but then a miracle happened! The fairy godmother of technology whirled her magic wand and changed the HR game. She made recruitment as easy as winning a million dollars at a game show; all you need is to think, analyze, reflect and BOOM, you made it! Welcome to the world of Talent Evaluation through Gamification!!

In today’s age being fast is the key to survival. For instance, in order to be competitive, we all prefer a fast car, fast food, a high-speed WIFI connection and so on. Recruitment is a hectic process for the employee as well as the employer; since it requires something more than just a set of pre-planned questions to judge the qualitative skills of an individual. In order to make this process fast and fun, companies are now being advised to make use of game technology with a twist. Imagine solving a Rubik’s cube to get a job! Will that be easy? NO. Will it be fun? FOR SURE. Will that represent technical, social and personal skills of a candidate? YES! Let me tell you how;

This tech-savvy approach to make the recruitment process easier involves the use of ‘neuroscience games’ or ‘brain games’. They challenge your memory, reasoning, and concentration skills through a range of brain exercises based on scientific research.

Dr. Sherry Willis, found that with brain games, individuals became more efficient at performing their everyday tasks of different complexity.

If you are in the HR department and reading this, then congratulations! You don’t have to prepare interview questionnaires anymore! All you need to do is to select an appropriate brain game to assess the capabilities of a candidate.

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Since “out of suffering has emerged the strongest souls”, I have researched on brain games; and I am listing them below to help YOU (the HR department), in making the recruitment process more interesting for the new-bees.

Tag! You’re it!

We are all MAD: Making A Difference… but, how can you differ a team player from a lone wolf? Games that require sharing, swapping or connecting with a partner (or robot) can tell you if the candidate is a team player or not. Moreover, Individuals can also be promised rewards in exchange of their achievements, too. For example Scavenger Hunt.



Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

This game requires colorful balloons and every color has a different blast point. The user is asked to pump the balloon one by one. The bigger they pump it, the more points they get. This would help the recruiter to analyze if the candidate is sharp enough to identify the balloon with the lowest blast point by learning through observation.

It’s All Coming Back To Me Now!

Games involving the use of memory such as word search, number sequencing, displaced characters/roadmap and decoding helps in identifying how focused and consistent an individual is.



Being Human!

Having a command to hold an interactive conversation is vital especially for a marketer. No human is perfect and we all make mistakes but a smart person should be able to cover blunders with the magic of words if needed. In order to see if a candidate has this magic, they can be asked to view a group of pictures and make a story based on their predictions and understanding of what is happening.

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine!

The key to success and tranquility is meeting deadlines. A candidate should be given certain tasks which they have to complete within a given time frame. This trick will enable them to think productively yet critically and reveal the dark horses in the game too. For example: typing fast, decoding a sentence.



You Have To Risk It To Get a Biscuit!

Games, where money, rewards and gaining points are involved, can help the HR panel to check if a person is able to calculate the probability of gain over loss.

Excuse Me? Do We Have a Problem?

There can be multiple games to see if a candidate can solve a problem and face a challenge smartly. For example, cut the cake in three strikes so that there are eight pieces. Another option is to arrange a stack with minimal moves to match a pre-given stack.




Financial Table tennis involves a PC vs. user. The shot played by the PC will depend on the technical question asked to the user. If answered correctly, the pc will play an easy shot or a wrong shot. When the ball will be in user’s court, the user will again be asked a technical question which will decide the shot of the user. Comical graphics games are also an improvisation that involves choosing the level of the question asked i.e. easy to hard.

Games Don’t Make You Violent, Lag Does!
Playing a game for recruitment tests will not just only make the candidate comfortable with the recruitment process but also leave a good impression of your firm on the candidate.

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As Genetech has a vision of innovation, we are already stepping into the Gamification of everything, from recruitment and training to engagement and e-learning. Our hardworking, intelligent and dedicated team is working on algorithms to excel the results which we can obtain from neuroscience.

We provide our clients with brain games which cannot only just help them with recruitment but also keep existing employees engaged in learning activities. So, if you are preparing for a recruitment test or you are daring enough to try out neuroscience games then give us a shout and let’s get going!

Shoaib Bazmi

Shoaib Bazmi is a Senior Developer at Genetech Solutions with a love for technology writing.

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