Google Has Finally added UX to its SEO Ranking Factor & Team Genetech Couldn’t Be Happier

Have you ever been on a website that had super slow speed, unwanted intrusive pop-ups, keyword stuffing, and zero readability? How was your experience?

You don’t have to answer that. We hear you. Without doubt that website was probably built with poor SEO and without much thought given to User experience or UX, as they call it.

What is User Experience and Why Does it Matter?

UX can be defined as the overall experience a user has while using a website especially in terms of ease of use.

According to research, users prefer websites with a great page experience.  It isn’t just about creating beautiful websites that look appealing to eyes, but rather involve a proper process to make sure that all the elements and characteristics of the web page are designed meticulously to add to the user’s experience.

What is Google’s Take on UX?

Google being the most superlative search engine because of the relevance of it’s search results, has been continuously improving it’s ranking factors to provide apt and to the point answers to it’s users.

In a recent announcement by Google, it is evident that Google searches will now favor websites with great UX.

The new ranking factor will combine collectively the speed, responsiveness, stability and security, as well as the efficiency of the website.

The content will still take the lead when it comes to the best information, however, when many pages with similar content and relevance will be categorized, Page Experience surely will prove to be a winning factor.

Here is a detailed blog about Google’s set of Core Web Vitals and how they will be combined with the existing ranking factors for taking page and user experience to an upgraded level.

So How Does it Impact Things at Genetech?

At Genetech, we have been into business for over a decade and a half. With so much experience from design to development, one thing that we’ve always paid attention to is the learning from the end user’s experience and feedback.

Our designers, project managers and the entire development team have been trained in and out to make sure all the websites are developed following a user centered design process.

Do you want to know How to create a better User-experience with a User-centered design? Here is an amazing blog for better understanding of the UX design process.

Genetech’s Approach Towards Making Websites With Better UX

The Core Web Vitals recently announced by Google as a ranking factor have been Genetech’s practice for years. Immaculate design with clear structured navigation, creative elements that are eye-catching, speed and stability, and responsive website layouts are few of the core principles we follow as our design process.

  1. Clean, Unique and Easy to Use to Design
  2. Optimized Plugins For Efficient Load Time
  3. Secure Web Surfing
  4. Updates and Constant Check

Clean, Unique and Easy to Use to Design:

Design is the first thing visible when interacting with a website. Users often forget the content they read, but can easily recall how it made them feel.

For this very reason, our designers create a unique design for each customer that matches their brand, as well as their target audience.

All the elements, graphics, typography, as well as the colors are well thought to maintain a consistent design for higher usability. From a UI perspective, it’s a visual hierarchy that looks soothing to eyes.

We not only design the homepage, we design all the pages so that the client knows well how the final finished website will look. In short, we dry run the customer through their website before it is built.


Above all, we understand the higher number of users shifting to mobile. Our websites are fully responsive, as per our client’s requirement. Resulting in better page experience and higher lead generation.

Our websites are fully responsive, as per our client’s requirement

Here is a glimpse of the Work delivered by Genetech, fully customized as well as responsive with stellar UI and UX.

Optimized Plugins For Efficient Load Time:

Starting with any CMS, there are tons of plugins and add-ons available in the market for all kinds of features. Adding random and too many plugins can lower the speed of your website. That is because each plugin brings a lot of external code.

Slow websites are annoying and can drive away the users.

At Genetech, we know that understanding the impact of each plugin on the website and optimizing it is very important. We, therefore, test plugins one by one, and in combination to see what effect it brings on the UI, UX, and functionalities of the website.

Secure Web Surfing:

One of the major factors of UX depends on the security. Nobody wants to put their data at risk when using a website.

For that reason, our designers and developers pay special attention to make sure the cyberspace is safe and secure for the website owners as well as the visitors. Forms with Captcha, SSL certificates, Strong Password recommendations, and secure Admin URL are few of the many tactics we incorporate in the webpage for a stable online experience.

Updates and Constant Check:

Apart from security, another major concern is the updates. Often the plugins installed on the website are of older and deprecated versions. If not updated, they can result in a broken web page with empty blocks and missing functionalities.

At Genetech, we keep everything up to date.  From the point of installation to monthly maintenance checks, your page experience is never altered or compromised.


Google’s announcement will surely bring about a revolution among the Software development companies. The Black hat tactics to score big on the SEO scale will no longer help.

Genuinely designed websites that are efficiently fast and are made with respect to user’s needs and proper market research can help them secure a higher place in the Google Search Engine.

It’s time that we understand that web users usually scan rather than read the content. Complex features with packed up placement of elements will induce a lost feeling among your user. That in return will decrease the Google ranking of your website.

If you are a client of Genetech already, you know how we work and how much the Page and User Experience matters to us. If not, you ought to give us a try.

Our approach towards creating better user experience gives us an edge over our competitors. Hire us for your project and leave the rest to us. 🙂

Mehak Nayani is a CodeGirls Graduate and a Technical Content Writer at Genetech Solutions, one of the leading software houses in Pakistan, helping businesses with all their software solution needs, ranging from complex web centric applications, to elegantly designed mobile apps and websites.

Mehak Nayani