How to Keep your Website Healthy, the Genetech way

How to Keep your Website Healthy, the Genetech way

Most of the time when we build a website for our clients, they expect it to work perfectly forever. The fact is, it won’t.

Websites break—often because of outdated versions of plugins, software, programming languages, etc., or some plugin starts conflicting with other plugins or alarming of all, the website may have been compromised.

What is a website health check?

The website health check is the same as when you visit your trusted physician for a regular check-up. It is not certain if there is anything visibly wrong but it’s important to get your website checked just to make sure that everything is working the way it’s meant to – and to fix any issues before they become a severe problem.

Importance of regular website health check

It is very important to keep your website maintained and attractive. Your website represents you and your business. It can have a huge influence on how the value of your product or service is recognized.

A well-maintained website is vital for any industry. All businesses need routine website health checks to keep it maintained in order to bring, engage and retain customers.

A Checklist: What type of work is done during website maintenance?

Below is the list of tasks that should be done to keep your website maintained. The most compelling of these is website security updates and patches. Without these, your website has the potential to be an actual danger to those who visit it.

Here’s how you can keep your website health in-check, tasks listed in this checklist should be completed regularly:

Checklist 1: Weekly Scan

  • All forms should be running properly
  • All pages on your website should load without errors
  • Remove spam comments from posts
  • Look for any broken links on your pages
  • Fix or redirect 404 errors
  • Write blogs to keep website visitors engaged and encourage SEO traffic

Checklist 2: Monthly Scan

  • Check the load time/speed of your website, make sure that nothing is choking it
  • Update the website software, theme and plugins, if required
  • Remove inactive plugins
  • Change passwords
  • Compare website statistics from the previous month
  • Check your blog to see if there are any posts that could be updated
  • Take backups

Checklist 3: Quarterly Scan

  • Review your website and see if its design and structure can be improved
  • Test all forms, links, pop-ups and call to action
  • Review website content and update if needed
  • Test your website cross-browser/devices/platforms to see if it appears properly
  • Test your website’s performance by running load/stress tests

Checklist 4: Yearly Scan

  • Update all current year references
  • Review all pages for content accuracy, grammar, typos, and relevancy
  • Check for excessive email addresses that can be deleted
  • Renew website domain name if needed
  • Renew SSL certificates if needed
  • Run a full website test, including performance, security, database, API and responsiveness

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How long does maintenance work take on a website?

Website maintenance can take from a few hours to a couple of weeks, it all depends on:

  • What is the size of the website?
  • How old is the website?
  • Which technology is used to build the website?
  • How good is the server response time?
  • How much customization is done?
  • Is the website outdated currently?
  • How much experience do you or the team performing the maintenance have with website maintenance?

Let us help you keep your website alive and kicking

We want to see you to be able to take care of your own digital assets. But most of the time there are more important parts of your business for you to aim at.

If you really care for your website and want to keep it maintained, let us do the job for you. At Genetech Solutions we offer reliable and cost-effective website maintenance service, just fill out the form here and someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

Don’t worry, We’ve got your six!

Hasnain Abbas

Hasnain Abbas is a Project Manager at Genetech Solutions, one of the leading software houses in Pakistan, helping businesses with all their software solution needs, ranging from complex web centric applications, to elegantly designed mobile apps and websites.

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