science of greatness

When you are looking around at most content that B2B marketers throw at you, put it through the ringer of:

– Would I read this content in my spare time?
– or while I am on a plane?
– or maybe even in evening when I get some time to research?

and you will see that most of that content will fail miserably! It is just plain boring as it speaks so much of the corporate lingo, buzz-words and ultimately at the end of the day, it just doesn’t build a lot of interest.

Keeping in mind that a system like marketing automation is heavily content driven, we need to remember that when we get some interaction with our online presence or with an email or something that we pumped out through a social channel, we need to make sure that content is interesting. We need to check if it looks great or not. So good content is king but great content makes all the difference.

Take yourself as an example; right now you are consuming this article, something that I have put together as a short explanatory way to get you interested in marketing automation. I am pretty adamant about saying no to marketing automation and think it is a bad idea. Why? Because most of the time people feel generally unprepared for they don’t know how to monetize marketing automation or they don’t want to take out the responsibility for a big technology purchase like marketing automation software. So I am trying to educate you through this content. I have been working with LeadMD for very long now and working at LeadMD, we drink our own Champagne very much in this regard. We are big proponents of cranking out good content and a lot of it. So when we engage with an organization that is looking to really re-evaluate their current marketing process, we determine how they engage with their buyers.

It really all starts with those buyers’ persona and the current they lead those buyer persona with. So as we evaluate that content pipe we need to take a hard look at, may be some of that content we written in past doesn’t need to be in that pipeline some of it needs to be repurposed or formatted in a more engaging way video, blogs or may be podcasts are more engaging interactive content.

Interactive content really is a great topic in the funnel. It gets people coming back to the site, get them downloading more content and this way it gets us more information about that buyer and that’s ultimately is the end game goal. Thus when one is looking for optical content funnels he needs to look at that with fresh eyes often times and that’s really our work as we provide that third party perspective. Lot of times we are not familiar with the organization that we have just begin working with. We are not that familiar with the true benefit statement of their solutions or what their product is about. It all becomes a great learning experience for them as we go down that path with them and look at what kind of message they are trying to say to us, how does it teach us about their product and with the accurate view of what they are saying and through out this process we make recommendation and form a stronger content pipeline.

That’s really what takes content from good to great. Does it convert? does it speak to the buyer? and ultimately will it engage them or an individual to have that conversation with a sales individual? or go online and transact with online presence? so ultimately great content is the driver of marketing automation and can be the soul differential between success and failure.