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Every day, we discover something new in the realm of web design. Storytelling is one of the freshest ideas to emerge for successful branding and website promotion. While content makes up a major portion of it, visual and other UX design elements are integrated in a brand story to entertain users.

You must craft such a narrative which must fulfill these common storytelling principles.

  • Why your readers would want to read it?
  • Does it have a surprise element involved?
  • Is it targeting your audience?

Let’s see how you can create a website using different elements of storytelling. Some important components are listed below.


Researches imply that our brain transmits visual information more rapidly than plain text. This means that no web story is complete without relative and creative images. A picture is worth a thousand words and the right images incorporated into your story will set the right mood and appropriate tone of your web story. These visuals often contain a number of characters who are included in the story and develop as it progresses.

Such visuals help the users to connect with the storyline and provide information without burdening the readers with tons of text. The color scheme should be relevant to the theme of your web design. Parallax Scrolling is another way of creating interesting stories with moving objects and backgrounds. By adding motion and depth to your images, you create a visually captivating brand story for your viewers.

In 2013, a walloping 77% of the international market was observed to viewing videos of some kind on the internet. By 2016, the video advertising budget for a digital campaign is likely to be $5.4B. Business websites with promotional videos attract users more than those who offer plain promotional text. Many famous brands have documented their services in the form of videos with the help of either images or characters. These characters can be shown to make use of your product, convincingly getting the message across your users.

Catchy Content
Of course, a story must has some text to support images or visuals. The tone of this text is entirely different from that of an ordinary promotional content. Such content must contain a beginning, a middle part and an ending. The ending may keep room for additions to be made in the future so that your audience keeps coming back for more. This narrative can be from one of the characters present in your story or from a real person like a member of your employee staff. Such content is deemed more credible and less fictional and audiences rely on your story to make a stronger connection with your brand.

Maybe your business website doesn’t want to employ the use of parallax scrolling or videos. Another creative way to make your users aware of your services or testimonials through storytelling can be by making use of a detailed infographic. This can be displayed on your Portfolio or Case Studies page. If you design the right infographic for your services page, with the accurate proportion of images and content, you can create a wonderful story out of it highlighting your core strengths. This is probably the easiest way of incorporating story telling into your website.

Encourage Interactivity
Many successful brands have transformed their websites into success stories by including their company’s history, clients and financial statistics. They craft fascinating stories about the history of their products and services while allowing their users to interact and share their own stories with the world. For instance, The Journey by Coca cola reveals the brand’s history by narrating how the first coke was invented in 1886 while also shares the brand’s successes through the previous century. To share your brand story on the web, the tone and content of your digital story must be relevant to the theme of your products and your audiences.

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