Quality Assurance

is one of the most integral phase when it comes to the development of a product. Without it, the assurance of a product’s quality can never be authenticated. Companies and organizations pay vital significance to this stage in order to accomplish their goals and maintain a competitive position in the market. We understand the importance of producing the right product, which is why we have an exceptional QA team working at Genetech Solutions.

Our QA department is one of the building blocks of our company

& speaks about its quality and commitment to delivering an experience for the end user. From inception to deployment, the product goes through a series of processes and tests, performed rigorously to assure ultimate perfection, and of course client satisfaction.

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qa department

The process begins with a one to one client meeting to discuss and produce a viable strategy.

Documentation is maintained in parallel for the entire process performed. The QA team works in collaboration with other teams such as developers, project managers and designers. The Product Requirement Document (PRD) is reviewed time and again for proper execution and verification of results.

Various tests and test cases are performed, depending upon the product and end user needs, to ascertain if the technical requirements are fulfilled properly. Manual or Automation testing is executed as per the project scope.


We follow a General standard Quality Assurance checklist for all of our projects. This includes:

  • GUI Testing
  • Black box Testing / Functionality Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Performance Testing inlcuding the browser/OS platform compatibility
  • Regression Testing - after the bugs and fixes are done

For most projects, we follow the Agile approach.

Automation testing is performed on a module-wise basis, following the general standard checklist. Daily scrums are reviewed and sprint meetings are arranged for an error free end product. This enhances and satisfies our trust policy, we so strictly abide by, to produce the perfect user experience.

Frequent communication and persistent attainment of milestones is carried out till the development of the final product. Our time bound delivery within reasonable cost is never compromised. This allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to every client.

We understand that your product represents you, which is why we go an extra mile to produce the ideal results. Our QA processes are implemented in a way that our team spares no efforts to improve the overall product’s functionality. We optimize the product to ensure a smooth launch.

meeting client

Meeting with the client

to discuss the project scope

review requirements
planning and strategies

Review of requirements & documents

what needs to be achieved


strategies to be taken and implemented

sprint meeting

Performing testing

(manual/automation) depending upon the project's nature

Sprint Review Meeting

to discuss targets achieved and left

sprint meeting

Updating Test Cases

implementing required changes

Re-evaluation of results

verifiying changes


Product Testing

end result attained