Building Cost Effective Mobile Apps for your Business

cost effective mobile apps development
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Much has been written about why your business needs a mobile app. Several businesses, recognizing the potential of business-centric mobile apps, get them developed for promotional and marketing purposes. But how can you get an application developed which costs you less, yet fully serves your business needs?

Fundamentally, it all depends on the type of app you would want to create. The more complex it is, the more it will cost. Let’s take a look at some of the kinds of mobile apps which can be developed for boosting your business.

    • Native Apps – developed specifically for a single platform, making use of all the device capabilities
    • Web Apps – these are apps running straight from the web on a device’s browser and have to be run off a web hosted server as they are not installed on the device
    • Hybrid apps – part native as they stay in an app store and part web for they depend on HTML being rendered in a browser

In order to build cost effective mobile apps for your business, you must take care of the following factors.

Choosing the Right Platform
You must do your research and be aware of the preferred devices of your target audience. If you are choosing your platform as iphone and then suddenly plan to launch it on PlayStore, then your development company will surely charge you for additional work. Know what you want before you initiate the process.

Hiring the Right Developer

right developer

This is the tricky part. You must hire the right developer who has the expertise and reputation for building solid applications. If you want to develop it yourself then beware! Although you can have many tools to benefit from you would still require a functioning know-how of app development to devise an app which does not waste your money or time. It is best to hire an offshore company for your mobile development project as they will deliver you results with a fixed budget and within your desired time-frame.

Do you have a budget in mind?
Speaking of budgets, never embark on an app development project when you don’t have a certain budget in mind. Focus on what you need and how your app will serve your business and your clients. When you know what you want out of your app, you can negotiate the cost with your hired app development team. Basic apps won’t cost you much, but they may not be capable of bringing you a lot of ROI either. More complex apps are sure to cost you more, however, they have the potential to attain more revenue.

Basic or Complexed?

1. Basic Functionality
These apps are easily built thus they are the least expensive. Useful for small businesses which cannot invest a hefty amount on this aspect.

2. More Sophisticated Business Apps
These apps are mulch-faceted and developed to suit the needs of large brands. They involve content management along with database management hence the process is more expensive.

Cross Platform Mobile Development
Cross platform technologies allow developers to create complicated apps easily. Not only it reduces the development time, it also helps in reducing the cost for the app development process. Some great multi-platform development tools in the market will help your development team to create apps that run smoothly on all platforms.

cross platform mobile app development

Whether you want an android or an iphone app, it must fulfill the basic purpose of a business app which is to promote your services, attract customers and bring in revenue. Make sure you take care of all the elements as discussed above for building a cost-effective business app.

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