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web development resources and tools

Developing a well-rounded website can be a time taking and effort consuming task for a web developer. Even a seasoned developer needs the perfect set of tools and resources to develop a robust website. If you are a developer who is having a hard time deciding which tools to use for developing your website, I have just the right list of tools for you. Some of these tools are free while others charge a small amount which is negligible as compared to the functionality they provide in the back end for a developer.

Some of the latest and most effective web development tools and resources are:



Not sure how your text will look like on your website? The last thing a developer wants is clumsy text appearing on his website. TypeTester compares different fonts to let the developer decide which font to choose for the screen. As new fonts are incorporated into operating systems, the font list gets updated. It’s a basic and a very handy tool for developers and saves a lot precious time in the development process.

Notepad ++


A free tool to edit HTML files along with files in other programming languages, Notepad++ is a treat for today’s web developers. Not only does this tool let you specify your desired programming language and provides you with language specific syntax highlighting, it also offers several accommodating visual clues including line numbering and conditional formatting.

Developers love Notepad++ for its search and replace functionality, case conversion and the liberty to run their codes in specific browsers.



Yeoman is not actually a tool. In fact it’s a group of tools. Yeoman mixes several popular open source tools in an effort to contour several aspects of the web development procedure. Google has made Yeoman an excellent choice for developers due to its functionality. It scaffolds your new web apps, keeps packages modified, auto-compiles your code and modifies your images. As soon as you install Yeoman and its components including ‘Yo’, ‘Grunt’ and ‘Bower’, you will be fascinated with its uses.

Yo will help you scaffold an application. Grunt will build and test your project. While Bower will relieve you from manually downloading and managing your scripts and is an asset for dependency management.

Less Framework 4

less framework 4

If you are a developer who simply cannot work without efficient tools during their development process, Less Framework 4 is just the tool for you! It is a remarkable grid system to design adaptive layouts and comprises of a CSS reset. Less Framework 4 enables you to develop websites with productive and consistent multiple layouts. It’s an efficient tool to develop adaptive websites. The main idea behind the resource is to enable everyone to write HTML and CSS like they always have as every developer does it differently.



Browser Shots enables developers to view their websites in around hundred browsers on 4 diverse platforms to find out the eventual cross browser support. Taking into consideration the countless kinds of configurations which presently exist, as a developer, it is essential to be 100 % sure that your website performance is at its best on every platform.

Load Impact

load impact

The name says it all. Load Impact lets you test whether your website can handle increased traffic or not. A free online tool to test your website at different load levels and provide you with accurately measured results with the help of an easy graphical representation. Load Impact is a cloud based service used by worldwide developers to detect performance issues and analyze user traffic. Simply register to a free account and test your website.



Another free treat for today’s developers, Emmet. It was previously known to developers as Zen Coding. What it actually does? You will be delighted to know. A number of text editors let you store and re-employ frequently used code chunks which are termed as ‘snippets’ and can be a nice source to trigger productivity. However, the snippet needs to be defined first and cannot be extended in runtime.

Here comes Emmet to the rescue! It transports the simple snippet to a whole new level. Emmet lets you type CSS-like expressions which can be remarkably parsed and also generates an output by simply relying on what you enter in the abbreviation. Emmet is a blessing for web developers whose projects rely on HTML/XML and CSS. However, it can be used with programming languages also.



A developer’s life is not as easy as it may seem. With dozens of tasks and countless things to remember, a developer, at times can face mind-boggling situations which can often lead to delayed projects and embarrassment. Voila! Trello is here to make your life easier. Whether you want to keep track of the things which are done, still left to be done or are half way through, Trello allows you to keep track of all your project details. Comment, share, attach files or prioritize. It helps you out like an assistant and sorts out your jumbled up workload for a successful development project.

For today’s developers, there are many tools and resources which allow them to develop bug free and impressive looking websites. For your development projects, there are countless tools and resources which can aid you to delegate your projects with efficiency to save your valuable time. These are just some of the tools and resources listed for you to choose from. If you have any suggestions, tools or resources to simplify web development in your mind feel to share them with us.

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